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With UK born and bred Rega components this pack is as British as a cup of tea, or a morning fry-up. You'll want to play more than just Rule, Brittania! out of this system though, but we don't blame you if you have it on repeat for a while. Along with the hefty dose of British patriotism, you'll get lifetime warranty on manufactured defects for each of the components. What more could you ask for?

Are you ready to elevate your audio experience to new heights? Look no further than the Ello Govna Hi-Fi Pack, a carefully curated bundle that combines the best of Rega's exceptional audio components. This pack includes the acclaimed Rega Planar 2 turntable, the dynamic Rega Brio amplifier, the immersive Rega Kyte speakers, and high-quality speaker cables.

Rega Planar 2 Turntable: Rediscover Vinyl Magic
At the heart of the Ello Govna Hi-Fi Pack lies the Rega Planar 2 turntable. This masterpiece of engineering captures the essence of vinyl, allowing you to rediscover the warmth and depth of your favorite records. With precise construction, a low-noise motor, and a high-performance cartridge, the Planar 2 delivers an immersive vinyl experience that will reignite your passion for music.

Rega Brio Amplifier: Power Meets Precision
Pairing seamlessly with the Planar 2 is the Rega Brio amplifier. Known for its remarkable power and sonic accuracy, the Brio breathes life into your music. With meticulous circuitry and refined components, it effortlessly drives your speakers, revealing every detail and nuance in your favorite tracks. The Brio brings your audio to life with its dynamic soundstage and exceptional control.

Rega Kyte Speakers: Unleash Sonic Brilliance
Completing the Ello Govna Hi-Fi Pack are the Rega Kyte speakers, designed to deliver a captivating audio experience. These compact yet powerful speakers offer a balanced and detailed sound signature, immersing you in rich, lifelike music. With their precision-engineered drivers and optimized cabinet design, the Kyte speakers reproduce music with clarity, depth, and precision.

Included Speaker Cable: Enhancing Connectivity and Performance
To ensure seamless connectivity and optimal performance, the Ello Govna Hi-Fi Pack includes high-quality speaker cables. These cables are designed to deliver clean and reliable signal transmission, minimizing interference and maximizing audio quality. They provide a solid and stable connection between your components, ensuring that every note is faithfully reproduced.

Unleash the Power of Ello Govna Hi-Fi Pack
The Ello Govna Hi-Fi Pack combines the Rega Planar 2 turntable, Brio amplifier, Kyte speakers, and speaker cables to create an unparalleled audio experience. Immerse yourself in the richness of vinyl, feel the power of precision amplification, and let the Kyte speakers transport you to the heart of your favorite music. With the Ello Govna Hi-Fi Pack, you can unleash the full potential of your audio collection and discover a new level of sonic bliss.

Experience the magic of Rega's exceptional craftsmanship and sonic excellence with the Ello Govna Hi-Fi Pack. Elevate your audio journey and immerse yourself in the world of pure musical pleasure.

"a great bit of kit, innit"


The Rega Planar 2 was developed alongside the slightly later released Planar 3. Featuring the brand new RB220 tonearm which is packed with groundbreaking features.

A new 24v, low noise motor, acrylic laminated plinth, newly designed central bearing and so much more. Every feature of this innovative new turntable is designed to extract the maximum amount of information and detail from your vinyl collection.


The Brio has a completely new case to house its improved circuits and parts. It now sits in an aluminium case with a steel base which boosts the Brio’s heat sinking capabilities and improves on Rega’s already solid build quality and reliability. The new Brio has a cleverly integrated headphone socket specially designed to avoid interference with the audio circuit when not in use and as you would expect, a very high specification moving magnet phono stage is built in as standard.


Become immersed in the stunningly natural sound of the Kyte loudspeakers system. Meticulously designed to deliver the true Rega sound at an affordable price. Using our own ZRR high frequency unit and a handmade pair of Rega MX-125 bass-mid drivers, this compact bookshelf speaker is designed to complement any hi-fi or audio system.