ProJect 2Xperience Primary Acryl Turntable: Orange *EXCLUSIVE*


Limited edition audiophile turntable with acrylic chassis and class-leading sound!

Look, let’s be honest. You clicked on this page because the 2Xperience Primary Acrylic looks absolutely badass, doesn’t it? And why wouldn’t it be; it’s a high-grade Pro-ject platter and tonearm embedded into a one-inch thick transparent block of coloured acrylic on fully adjustable TPE-damped aluminium coned feet. Super, super slick. But aesthetic qualities aside this is a very serious piece of audio equipment. A fully-isolated AC motor drives the platter’s outer belt, heavily minimising distortions associated with the noisiest part of any turntable while further reducing vibrations on the centre bearing. It comes equipped with a 9”, single-piece aluminium, four-point precision bearing tonearm and a factory fitted Ortofon 2M Red. So straight out of the blocks you’re getting the dynamic resolution and expressive mid-range of the worlds largest cartridge manufacturer in combination with a highly sensitive tonearm. Fancy stuff, but that means what exactly, you ask? Well, it means it draws more information from your records to reveal a lot more insight in your music – lots, lots more. And last but not least the accuracy of your VTA (vertical tracking angle) – should you choose to alternate cartridge/styli combinations in the future – is assured with a solid arm base that permits specific height adjustment. No doubt Pro-ject’s  2Xpreience Primary Acrylic is a beauty to behold, but it’s also a highly sophisticated piece of audio art offering exquisite playback. So, for more information email us at or call us at (03) 9419 5070 or, heck, come on in and have a chat and see these babies in the flesh.

Belt driven turntable with 2-step pulley  

• Stand-alone motor base  

• 33/45 rpm with manual speed change  

• MDF platter with felt mat & record clamp  

• 9” aluminium tonearm  

• Audiophile grade tonearm cable Connect it E included  

• With or without pre-mounted Ortofon 2M Red cartridge  

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