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It’s the fall of 2005 and they’ve just finished fine-tuning their first speaker system to be marketed under the Audioengine name. Dave says the tuning is the hardest part, but admits that completing the final cosmetic details and packaging before production will be a big challenge over the next few weeks. The Audioengine team camps out in a listening room hour after hour critically listening to everything from Bach to Van Halen. They settle in on a Bob Marley song and Brady gets a big grin on his face.

Prior to Audioengine, their goal was to design and build studio monitor speakers for the pro-audio market, which is what they did successfully for 3 years until something interesting happened. As Dave explains in his Mississippi drawl:

“When you design active studio monitor speakers you tend to spend a crazy amount of time in sound rooms listening for how well the speakers reproduce the original recording. During one of our marathon speaker tuning sessions for a new design, one of us mentioned we ought to modify a pair for home use. They had such a wonderful sound and even though they were studio monitors we agreed they would likely rival Brady’s favourite bookshelf speakers and integrated amplifier.”

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