No Strings Attached


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We’re going wireless with this one, Vinyl Junkies. 

Responsible for a shite load of analogue options, the engineering wizards at Audio Technica have been banging out high quality audio gear for well over half a decade now. Their latest offering, the LP60BT wireless record player,  is the bluetooth turntable under 300 bones on the Aussie market. This fully automatic turntable with switchable inbuilt phono stage, capable of spinning both your 45s and 33 1/3s, is a sweet little unit. It comes pre-fitted with the ATN3600 moving magnet cartridge, anti resonance, die-cast aluminium platter and connects seamlessly to your Bluetooth wireless technology. It’s the perfect little bluetooth turntable. Perfect, say, for a killer American Bluetooth speaker perhaps? 

Yup, we’re letting the Yanks take charge with your wireless needs on this little number. Why? Well, probably  ‘cause they’ve been dishing out a bevy of badass horn-loaded speakers for over seventy years. And now, in all their infinite wisdom, Klipsch are offering up a professionally tuned portable Bluetooth speaker in a spankin’ timber veneer with spun copper dials and up to 8hrs of rechargeable battery life. Oh, Klipsch…you guys! They look and feel legit. The timber finishes are gorgeous, the spun copper dials are solid to the touch, and they sound dope. 

The combination of Audio Technica LP60BT and Klipsch's The One means that with just the push of a button you’ll be wirelessly bangin’ away to your favourite jams on that juicy black wax in no time. Go forth ya filthy heathens. Be bold, be beautiful, be Bluetoothable. Why not? There’s no stings attached with this one. 


Included in package:
Audio Technica: LP60 BT Bluetooth
Klipsch: The One Bluetooth Speaker

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