The Process of "Running-In" Your New Hifi-Vinyl Revival

The Process of "Running-In" Your New Hifi

Something that not everyone may know is that HiFi components and speakers need time to run-in. Similar to what is required when you buy a new car. The run-in process is due to how these items are designed and after a period of time they settle in to perform at their optimal level. Particularly with speakers, the suspension in the speaker drivers starts off quite stiff and eventually after 50 to 100 hours of use settle into their designed level. They typically start off with weak bass and harsh highs. The result after run-in is a significant improvement in the sound and a nice surprise for the music listener.

Electronics such as amplifiers and CD players also experience an improvement of as much as 15% to 20% after they are suitably run-in. Phono cartridges are the other part of the HiFi componentry that benefits from run-in. Again about 50 hours of playing time will see the suspension in the cartridge loosen up, therefore allowing better tracking of the record groove and more musical information.

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