Wolfmother - Cosmic Egg (FV)

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Type: Vinyl

Cosmic Egg is the second studio album by Australian rock band Wolfmother, released on 23 October 2009. It is the first album by the second lineup of the band, featuring vocalist, songwriter and lead guitarist Andrew Stockdale, bassist and keyboardist Ian Peres, rhythm guitarist Aidan Nemeth and drummer Dave Atkins. The second lineup was formed in 2009 after original members Chris Ross and Myles Heskett left in August 2008.


A1 California Queen 3:54
A2 New Moon Rising 3:45
A3 White Feather 3:04
A4 Sundial 3:47
B1 In The Morning 5:39
B2 10,000 Feet 4:09
B3 Cosmic Egg 4:04
B4 Far Away 4:00
C1 Cosmonaut 4:48
C2 Pilgrim 4:48
C3 Eyes Open 5:10
C4 Back Round 3:56
D1 In The Castle 5:44
D2 Caroline 4:32
D3 Phoenix 4:45
D4 Violence Of The Sun 6:02

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