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Wish You Were Here Turntable Package

by Combo
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The Turntable

The ProJect turntable has been a ground breaking go-to deck for those vinyl lovers who want to take advantage of modern technology bringing the atmospheric sound of vinyl to all at a very affordable price.With it's Carbon Fibre light and rigid tonearm and fine tolerance 2-bearing tonearm tracking the nuances of the record groove, it does a stellar job.The current model with the Ortofon 2M Red cartridge, with its elliptical stylus providing extra detail and less record wear due to its greater contact in the record groove, is an excellent choice. You'll hear quieter backgrounds, a cleaner midrange, and more detail, treble, and bass.

The Amplifier

The Pioneer Direct Energy Design amplifiers with Symmetrical Construction offer class-leading, high quality sound, wrapped in understated, technical elegance.The Direct mode disables excessive circuitry such as tone controls creates the shortest passing signal path and is one of the key aspects of the firmed circuit technique and this certainly has positive effect on clarity and purity of sound. With the build quality and sonic performance we've come to expect from Pioneer presented in a package that mixes traditional hifi aesthetics with contemporary touches, this Pioneer is a truly desirable amp.

The Speakers

The new Elac Debut 2.0 Series sounds like a cross between the old Andrew Jones designed highly accoladed Debut and the newer Uni-Fi Series, with a clearer, more open performance than before. They have had additional bracing installed to reduce potential sonic coloration and have a livelier, clearer sound. Midrange is more present, the treble is better resolved, they have punchier bass impact and a more 3 dimensional sound stage. Amazing value in bookshelf speakers.

What the Crew Thinks

The ProJect Audio turntable with its carbon fibre tonearm and Ortofon cartridge extracts the dtail from the record groove to bring the atmospheric sound of vinyl to your space. The Pioneer amplifier delivers the dynamics necessary  to ensure the highly accoladed Elac speakers present their lively, clear sound with awesome bass for their compact size.

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