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Tivoli Audio Pal BT Portable Black

Tivoli Audio

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With many of today's wireless devices being Bluetooth technology-enabled, especially common electronics like smartphones, laptops and MP3 players, it made perfect sense for Tivoli Audio to add this important capability to our most popular portable radio, the PAL.

Tivoli Audio's PAL BT adds Bluetooth wireless technology in addition to its sensitive analogue AM/FM tuner. When you're not listening to your favourite radio stations, you can listen to music from your Bluetooth technology-enabled device. Just switch to the Auxiliary position and once paired, start listening to your music. It's that simple.

Before the PAL came along, portable audio usually meant poor sound. Not so with PAL BT. Thanks to the advanced A2DP profile, combined with the PAL BT's trademark equalisation, you'll never tire of hearing your music.

And since Bluetooth is wireless, you won't have to dig out an audio cable for your enabled device every time you want to listen to your music through the PAL BT. But don't worry - the auxiliary input is still on board along with the Headphone output, so you can continue to connect your wired devices.

True portability requires portable power, and that's where the PAL BT's NiMH battery pack comes in. It's environmentally friendly and has no memory, fully charging in about 3 hours. Since it provides hours of cordless playback, you can spend more time listening and less time searching for a power outlet.

  • Dimensions: 158.75mm H x 93.73mm W x 98.55mm D
  • Weight: 0.9Kg
  • 2.5" magnetically-shielded, treated full range speaker
  • 5:1 ratio analogue tuning dial AC/DC operation (external AC power supply/charger included)
  • Auxiliary Input
  • Battery status indicator
  • Built-in battery charger
  • Built-in telescoping FM antenna
  • Designer colours available
  • Henry Kloss analogue AM/FM tuner with AFC
  • NiMH rechargeable battery pack (Included)
  • Portable Stereo headphone output
  • Water-resistant cabinet

* Reprint from manufacturers website

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