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Tivoli Audio Albergo+ Cabinet

Tivoli Audio

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Make your Albergo+ table radio truly your own by housing it in a beautiful Tivoli Audio wood cabinet made especially for the Albergo+ radio. The Albergo+ Wood Cabinet Kit contains everything you need to easily install your radio into the wood cabinet of your choice with only a screwdriver. The simple installation doesn't require the radio itself to be disassembled. In a short period of time, without much effort, your Albergo+ radio will be transformed.

Designed by Tivoli Audio's Founding CEO, Tom DeVesto, every Albergo+ wood cabinet features a real-wood veneer and is hand-crafted to furniture-grade standards. Wood finish choices include walnut, cherry, and black ash.

Your Albergo+ table radio was designed to look stylish on its own, but for a more elegant, customised presentation, the Albergo+ Wood Cabinet elevates your radio to the next level.

Be aware that this is the wooden exterior cabinet only. The Albergo+ radio is not included.

* Reprint from manufacturers website

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