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Thorns TEP 302 Phono Preamplifier


Thorens turntables can be considered state-of-the-art in hi-fi technology as they would extract even the most minute details from your precious vinyl records. The signals generated by the pickup cartridges are however very small and therefore must be amplified to a much higher level. Regrettably, most of today’s amplifiers are no longer equipped with a dedicated phono stage. This unfortunate situation was a good reason for Thorens to develop the TEP302, a complete phono preamplifier including RIAA equalization, which was to complement the outstanding playback performance of our turntables.

The TEP302 is a pure-bred Class-A amplifier which employs selected, very special low-noise operational amplifiers throughout. The circuitry has been optimized “by ear” after several extended listening sessions. Of course, the TEP302 also features a 15-Hz subsonic filter in order to protect the woofers from dangerous excursions when a warped record is played.

More details, more dynamics.

Thorens TEP 302 features

Premium phono preamplifier, to suit MM & MC cartridges
Pure Class A operation
Selected low-noise OP amps
Adjustable MC input impedance: 99 Ω - 1000 Ω (15 settings)
Adjustable MM input capacitance: 15 pF - 350 pF (4 settings)
RIAA Equalisation: +0.5dB (20Hz - 20kHz)
Gain at 1kHz: 40dB (MM); 60dB (MC)
15Hz subsonic filter
Brightness of front panel Thorens logo LED is adjustable (Ambience)
Finish - Front & Top Panel: Aluminium
Finishes - Timber Side Panels: Black Ash, Bordeau (Red Ash), Maple
230W x 50H x 175D in mm, 3.0kg

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