The Woody Guthrie JNR

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From time to time we strike the ultimate combination of style and quality, when two brands with two separate products produce something far greater than the sum of their individual parts. We’ve done it again, folks! Vinyl Revival proudly presents the Woody Guthrie, an instant classic with all the mod-cons.

Pro-ject’s Debut Recordmaster is without question our most popular turntable, and with good reason: inbuilt phono pre-amplifier, automatic speed change, OM10 Ortofon stylus in a gorgeous timber finish. And for $799.00 it’s an easy choice for all. But when you pair it with Audioengines HD3’s you get a complete stereo system, with inbuilt bluetooth, that looks like something straight from the seventies.
It’s stylish, it’s minimalistic, it sounds beautiful and best of all it caters to both sides of the audio coin: analogue and digital. There’s room in this big old world for both, because they both service each other, and when you style it like Audioengine and Pro-ject have it’s difficult to disagree.

Go forth, wax heads. Play loud, play proud, and don’t forget the odd folk tune or two – for Woody. 

Included in package:
Pro-Ject Audio: Debut Recordmaster turntable
Audioengine: HD3 Premium Wireless Speakers (walnut)


Pro-Ject: Debut Recordmaster

The best-buy turntable classic with aluminium tonearm, computer connection, 3 speeds and DC power supply!  

The first Debut turntable, introduced in the late 1990s, was a revolution for the hi-fi industry. For the first time after the arrival of Compact Disc and the assumed demise of vinyl records, an analogue product re-emerged in the “mass market” – something all music lovers could afford.  

The new Debut RecordMaster has been designed to set new standards in this category for the coming decade – perfectly timed as analogue today is again a respected source, while the demand for good turntables with all speeds is growing fast!  

It comes with improvements like an increase in platter size and weight to realize even smoother rotation, the overall sound quality is greatly improved. The approved belt drive design offers low noise AC motor with effective motor decoupling (utilising TPE), ultra precision frequency DC-driven AC gener-ator for ultimate speed stability. Ultimate convenience is achieved, because of electronic speed change ("Speed Box“) and the possibility of playing 78rpm.  

Because Debut RecordMaster comes with pre-mounted cartridge and built-in phono preamplifier with USB output, connection to both line-level input of your hifi system and recording of vinyl to PC/Mac easily can be done simultaneously!  


AudioEngine HD3

Audioengines' most-versatile speakers with wireless that works. HD3 works with all your apps, music, and devices so no matter how you listen, HD3 has you covered. The ultimate mini music system.


  • For your desktop or smaller spaces but will easily fill a room
  • Wireless that works with all your devices and apps
  • High-end sound with great looks and hand-built wood cabinets
  • Simple setup, no receiver needed
  • No buttons to push & inputs are always ready to go
  • Front panel volume control and headphone jack


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