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Title: Introducing the Stone Roses Pack: Elevate Your Vinyl Experience with Rega Planar 2 and Kanto YU6 Speakers

In the world of audio enthusiasts and vinyl lovers, finding the perfect combination of turntable and speakers can significantly enhance the listening experience. If you're seeking an exceptional audio setup, look no further than our latest offering, the Stone Roses Pack. This carefully curated bundle brings together the renowned Rega Planar 2 turntable and the powerful Kanto YU6 active speakers, promising an unparalleled journey into the realm of music.

Rega Planar 2: Rediscover the Warmth of Vinyl
At the heart of the Stone Roses Pack lies the iconic Rega Planar 2 turntable. With its meticulous engineering and attention to detail, Rega has created a masterpiece for vinyl enthusiasts. The Planar 2 delivers exceptional sound quality, thanks to its precision-built tonearm, low-noise motor, and high-quality cartridge. It offers a smooth and immersive vinyl experience, capturing the warmth and depth that make vinyl records so beloved.

Kanto YU6 Active Speakers: Power and Versatility
Complementing the Rega Planar 2 is the powerful Kanto YU6 active speaker system. These speakers pack a punch with their built-in amplification and versatility. With 200 watts of combined power, they reproduce music with astonishing clarity and depth. The YU6 speakers offer a range of connectivity options, including Bluetooth, RCA, and optical inputs, ensuring seamless integration with various audio sources. With their sleek design and customizable sound settings, the Kanto YU6 speakers deliver both style and substance.

Unveiling the Stone Roses Pack Experience
The Stone Roses Pack combines the Rega Planar 2 turntable and the Kanto YU6 active speakers to create an immersive listening experience. Whether you're a seasoned audiophile or just beginning your vinyl journey, this pack offers a harmonious blend of exceptional audio performance and aesthetic appeal.

The Rega Planar 2, with its meticulous engineering, brings out the nuances and subtleties of vinyl recordings, allowing you to rediscover the magic of analog sound. Paired with the Kanto YU6 speakers, the Stone Roses Pack delivers crystal-clear vocals, detailed instrumentals, and powerful bass, transporting you to the heart of the music.

If you're ready to take your vinyl experience to new heights, the Stone Roses Pack is the perfect choice. The Rega Planar 2 turntable and Kanto YU6 active speakers combine to create an audio setup that's as visually striking as it is sonically impressive. Immerse yourself in the rich warmth of vinyl and let the music take you on a captivating journey. Elevate your listening experience with the Stone Roses Pack, where exceptional craftsmanship and stunning sound come together in perfect harmony.


The Rega Planar 2 was developed alongside the slightly later released Planar 3. Featuring the brand new RB220 tonearm which is packed with groundbreaking features.

A new 24v, low noise motor, acrylic laminated plinth, newly designed central bearing and so much more. Every feature of this innovative new turntable is designed to extract the maximum amount of information and detail from your vinyl collection.


Satisfy your craving for powerful, full-impact sound with YU6. Armed with a formidable Class D amplifier pumping out 200-Watt peak power, YU6 will have you questioning what it really means to be loud. Its 5.25-inch Kevlar® drivers and 1-inch silk dome tweeters inject detailed sound into every square inch of living space, evoking emotions that can only be expressed with an ear-to-ear grin.