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OPENING 10.00AM WED 28/07/2021 (03) 9419 5070
OPENING 10.00AM WED 28/07/2021 (03) 9419 5070

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We're here to Tell All The People about this rocktastic turntable package. Incorporating some of our favourite equipment, this pack is sure to get you toe tapping, or even moshing, around the house. This pack provides a combo that includes the YamahaA-S1200 amplifier, Rega P3 turntable (fitted with an Elys 2 cartridge, if you don't mind), and the Elac Carina FS 247.4 floorstanding speakers.

The Rega P3 is one of our favourite turntables and provides a sound that was able to Light My Fire. Pair that with the Elac's fantastic tweeters and it's evident that this system has the dynamic range to handle just about any kind of music you want to throw at it.
People Are Strange but we think everyone can agree that this pack is going to keep you rocking until the End of The Night.


The Rega P3 is waking the world up with a new ground up redesign that is making it possible to have a completely new turntable that will truly turn heads in every possible way.Replacing the multi award winning and five times What Hi-Fi? Product of the Year (RP3) was never going to be an easy task. It took their team of designers headed up by Rega's Roy Gandy, two years to develop the all new 'Planar 3' following the biggest re-design of the iconic 'three' model ever seen.

available in black/white/red


Acknowledging the golden era of hi-fi with level meters and a nostalgic design, the A-S1200 boasts an impressive array of the latest technology to accurately deliver a purely musical sound.

- High Quality Components delivering exceptional musical expression

- Toroidal power transformer with enormous energy for a pure musical sound

- Gorgeous level meters convey dynamics and music pulse with a nod to the nostalgic Hi-Fi era

- Floating Balanced Power Amplifier

- Mechanical ground concept maximises rigidity for expressive and rhythmic bass


Building upon its performance, Carina continues ELAC’s tradition of utilizing the JET tweeter, chosen for its amazing clarity, dynamics and attack. To match this capability, a new in-house developed proprietary compound curvature aluminum coned woofer is seamlessly blended via a sophisticated multi-element xover to produce an organic life like sound experience. Fresh looks, fresh sound; the new Carina is destined to further enhance ELACs class-leading reputation.