The Heat Is On

Much can be said for investing in your audio quality, heavily. And, honestly, the more money you throw at this stuff the better it sounds. It’s that simple. But it’s the right combination of products at whatever budget you’ve allocated that makes a 3star Michelin meal over a pack of hokkien noodles. So, with that thought in mind we’re introducing to you The Heat is On. It’s one fiery analogue cuisine. 

Pro-ject’s 2Xperience SB has long been a store favourite. Beyond its badass aesthetic, with two timber veneer finishes and one high-gloss piano black, it’s a table stacked with highly tuned, precision made parts to give you the ultimate in analogue reproduction. It’s monstrous  9” EVO carbon fibre tonearm gives you the option to choose from a wide variety of meticulously crafted high-grade cartridges. But we’ve matched it with one of the most well-noted Japanese moving coil carts on the market, Hana’s EL, to hit the finer notes we know you’re looking for. The combination of three cone-point machined aluminium, vibration dampening feet with a non-resonant construction MDF chassis means internal and external vibrations are well covered. Each platter is individually hand checked and weighted to ensure the perfect balance for that specific table. And the inbuilt electronic speed box caters to 33 and 45 speeds at the push of a button. There’s little question this table’s slick, but most importantly is sounds so so sick. 

In combination with the 2X and the EL we’ve gone all analogue on your electronics. PrimaLuna’s Prologue Classic with Mofi's Studiophono, catering to all your phono pre and integrated amplifier needs. Prima’s Classic is a 20W per channel beast standing on the shoulders of giants, namely the two iterations of this model that came before it. It’s bold, brash, American, and audio engineering at its best. Point to point wiring, in-house winding of their power and output transformers, true auto bias for longer tube life and the lowest possible distortion all culminate in a valve amp that kicks serious arse. Honestly, guys, they’re stunning. Head to the Fitzroy store yourself and take a listen, you’re likely to hear the Prima pumping out tunes from a block away. 

Finally, but by no means the least, we’re employing the French to kiss you ears with woofer cones. Words like baguette, Yoplait, and Gérard Depardieu are synonymous with French prestige (obviously). But perhaps even more than these savoury favourites is the name Focal. These croissant-smashing loudspeaker geniuses have been pumping out benchmark high-fidelity noise boxes for almost forty years, and they do it really f*#$ing well (excuse my French). Designed and built in the land of frog legs and Fruche, Focal’s Aria is the first speaker collection to employ Flax cone technology, a technology exclusive to Focal. And what does that mean? Basically, it’s a sandwich weave of organic material between two thin layers of glass fibre that results in tighter bass, lower colouration and a rich reproduction in the midrange. And what the hell does that all mean?? Well, it means they’re dope. These are serious, refined, natural speakers so in control of their shit they’re like driving a Peugeot (see what I did there? French car manufacture. I know, I know). Look, we put these bookies with this pack because they’re smokin’. The Prima adds the heat where it’s needed while the French finesse all those finer details, resulting in combo that caters to all. 

And there you have it, The Heat is On. And it really is with this one. Make no mistake here, guys, you’re going to anger the neighbours. But each and every one of your friends will be knocking at your door asking to play their latest vinyl purchase. What you do from there is up to you. But let it be noted, this is a seriously equipped analogue audio setup. So slap down your cash, take it home, fire it up, cause this one’s bringing the heat.

Included in package:
Pro-Ject Audio: 
2Xperience Turntable
Hana: EL Moving Coil Cartridge
- Mofi Studiophono Phono Preamplifier
- PrimaLuna: ProLogue Classic Integrated Amplifier
- Focal: Aria 905 Bookshelf Speakers High Gloss Black
- AM: Record Cleaner Box Set
Cambridge: Audio 100 series 2RCA-2RCA cable (1m)
- White Lightning speaker cable 1.5m pair

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