The Contemporary Classic

This pack includes:

- Pro-Ject Essential III Phono Turntable

- Ruark MR1 MK1 Speakers

- Cambridge Audio 100 RCA>3.5mm Cable


Keen to know what all the fuss is about but not ready to shell out a fortune on your equipment. Well, the combination of Pro-ject Audio’s Essential III Phono with Ruark’s MR1 Mk1 active speakers means your first venture into the world of analogue won’t break the bank.  Vinyl’s resurgent popularity has birthed a contemporary desire for the quality of analogue audio and with it a desire for that audio to compliment a contemporary setting. Not everyone is looking for bold, chunky 70’s-styled systems.  People now accustomed to the subtlety of small WiFi speakers and docking stations are looking for analogue options with a similar aesthetic. Enter powered speakers and turntables with built-in phono pre amplifiers. The four core components of any analogue system (turntable/phono preamp/amplifier/speakers) for the price and look of two. It’s a much easier, cleaner way to enjoy the beauty of vinyl records. 

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