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Stonefield - Far From Earth (INT)


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This is a new and improved Stonefield. On Far From Earth, the songs are more long-winding than recent albums, exemplified by the adventurous album opener ‘Delusion’. But somehow, the sister collective’s third album remains tighter and more polished than previous efforts. Although Far From Earth is more open to carefree instrumental play, it all feels very much part of the plan. The album is a cohesive body of work.

The added polish may be the impact of producer Stephen McBean. McBean’s presence isn’t reserved to the album’s refinement either, as he helms the seminal stoner-rock group Black Mountain. On Far From Earth, there’s a huge stoner-rock influence, particularly on the explosive ‘Through The Storm’.

The influence makes for a fuller, more in-your-face sound. The drum patterns are barnstorming and penetrative and the guitar riffs are scuzzier, while remaining catchy. Far From Earth is Stonefield’s most accomplished record.




A1       Delusion                     4:35

A2       Far From Earth           3:40

A3       In The Eve                  3:56

A4       Visions                        3:30

A5       Together                      3:06

B1       Broken Stone              5:48

B2       Through The Storm    4:20

B3       In My Head                 3:35

B4       Sleepyhead                 3:56

B5       Celestial Spaces         3:24


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