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NEW HOURS: TUES-SAT 10.00AM-5.00PM (03) 9419 5070
NEW HOURS: TUES-SAT 10.00AM-5.00PM (03) 9419 5070

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Here we have put together an absolute awesome system. All you need is to bring it on home, set up and enjoy. And even if you don't feel like listening to vinyl
(you should be ashamed) the valve amp now comes with a very nice built in bluetooth. Comes complete with all cables to rock n roll.


The Thorens TD 402 DD comes as out of the box solution for easy use. It has got a very silent, innovative direct drive motor in combination with an integrated phono pre amp and auto start and auto stop function.
Far from simple entry level standard Thorens TD 402 DD uses state of the art technology together with ease of use and perfect sound.

The new tonearm Thorens TP 72 uses a carbon tube, the pre installed cartridge AT VM95 E is mounted in a detachable headshell. The integrated phono preamp can be switched off if necessary.
An acrylic dust cover and a power supply are included.
Thorens TD 402 DD comes as best buy in its price range.


This new EL34 based tube unit has all the signature Cayin qualities like Point to Point hand made wiring, in house power supplies, solid construction and an unmatched sound quality for the price points.

Its a similar size to the current LA-34, however has more power and is Triode/Ultra Linear select to run at Class A or B output modes. The latest Bluetooth streaming Technologies and a Headphone input


The Klipsch RP-500M sounds awesome across the board with captivating dynamics and excellent sound quality, coupled with a very deep and clearly structured bass. The high sensitivity of 96 dB assures compatibility with lower powered amps, giving you the ability to create an impressive setup on an affordable budget.The latest incarnation of the ‘Klipsch Reference Premiere’ bookshelf speakers are loads of fun.If you are in the market for a pair of easy to drive and fun to listen bookshelves, then the Reference Series tick the boxes.