Soundgarden - A Sides (RSD)

Universal Music

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Type: Vinyl

    Ten years after crawling from the muck and mire of the Seattle grunge scene, Soundgarden's farewell compilation hits all the high points of an impressive career. Nirvana may have taken grunge public, but Soundgarden got there first. Starting with the grinding of SCREAMING LIFE's "Nothing To Say," A-SIDES demonstrates the band's evolution from muscular musical brutes to a unit whose might was tailored by an innovative use of hooks and melodicism.
  1. Black Hole Sun
  2. Bleed Together
  3. Blow Up The Outside World
  4. Burden In My Hand
  5. Fell On Black Days
  6. Flower
  7. Get On The Snake
  8. Hands All Over
  9. Jesus Christ Pose
  10. Loud Love
  11. Nothing To Say
  12. Outshined
  13. Pretty Noose
  14. Rusty Cage
  15. Spoonman
  16. Day I Tried To Live, The
  17. Ty Cobb

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