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Sony SS-NA9ES Active Subwoofer


  • Switch between dual woofer sealed and Q-controlled passive radiator modes
  • Made of expertly crafted birch wood to produce excellent acoustic qualities
  • Two 250mm aluminium-cone bass drivers
  • Opposite facing woofers that produce dramatic volume while cancelling vibration.


Never out of its depth with music or movies

The Sony SA-NA9ES subwoofer offers the best of both worlds in its flexibility to reproduce diverse audio sources, from the sharp, rhythmic demands of beautifully recorded music to the explosive thunder of the most dynamic movie soundtracks, all with superb sound quality.

Bringing out the best in movies and music

The SA-NA9ES subwoofer's Q-Control switching lets you choose between a high Q value that's perfect for the feeling of dramatic tension in a movie soundtrack or a lower Q value best suited to the sharp, precise bass in music. When switched to High, both drivers are active. The Low setting turns the rear-facing driver into a passive radiator, ideal for the cinematic sound.

Double drivers for precise musical bottom end

The SA-NA9ES features two 250mm woofers facing opposite directions that produce a dramatic sense of volume while canceling vibration. This design is especially important in achieving tight, robust, melodic bass when reproducing the demanding rhythmic nature of music.

Built to shake the earth, not itself

The SA-NA9ES subwoofer cabinet is constructed with tight-grained Scandinavian birch, a wood highly regarded for its acoustic resonance and performance, by craftsmen trained in the traditional Japanese methods of woodworking. An innovative internal brace design takes control of woofer vibrations, leaving the clarity of the sound unimpaired while allowing for clearer reproduction of the lowest notes.

Ready for the theater

The entire Sony ES line of loudspeakers have been matched to work together flawlessly not only to deliver the most lifelike reproduction of music, but also to bring impactful excitement to movie soundtracks.



System Active Subwoofer System
Drivers Two 250 mm aluminum-cone woofers.
Enclosure Type Sealed or Q-controlled passive radiator (Switchable)
Frequency Response 20 to 200 Hz


Maximum Output Power 500W


Dimension (W x H x D) 375 x 450 x 495 mm (Including projecting parts)
Weight 36 kg

* Reprint from Manufacturers Website.

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