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Sony BDP-S5200 Blu-ray Discå» player with Wi-Fiå¬ and 3D

by Sony


  • 3D Blu-ray, DVD and CD playback
  • USB and external HDD playback of movies, photos and music
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Instant access to movies and music on demand using Sony Entertainment Network
  • TV SideView universal remote app for Smartphone or Tablet
  • Screen mirroring lets you view videos, photos, apps and games from your Smartphone or Tablet on the TV screen


Immersive 3D Viewing Plus Wi-Fi And USB Connectivity

Faster Start-up & Loading

With Quickstart, it only takes 3 seconds* for your Blu-ray Disc‰ã¢ Player to start-up and just half a minute* to play movies after you‰۪ve inserted a disc. With network models, you can launch Internet content, web browser and apps quicker than ever.

View Content Across More Formats

Play videos, music and view photos stored on USB drives or your home network via DLNA without worrying about file formats. Sony‰۪s Blu-ray Disc‰ã¢ Players support a wide range of video and audio codecs such as mkv and wma.

Natural 3D Picture Realism

Put on a pair of Sony 3D glasses and you can enjoy 3D realism in the comfort of your own home with the Sony BDP-S5200 Blu-ray Disc䋢 Player. Not only can you play 3D content, you can enjoy enhanced 3D effects from 2D content with 2D-3D up conversion. So even 2D content can look 3D.

Access Home Network Content

Built-in Wireless LAN lets you connect with other devices on your home network and access content. So you can watch a movie that's stored on your home PC or view pictures stored on a wireless enabled camera on your TV's big screen via the Blu-ray Disc䋢 Player.

Enjoy Additional Connection

With an additional USB port, you can now connect more Sony products to your Blu-ray Disc䋢 Player. You can view pictures from your digital camera or watch movies off your PC. A Sony Blu-ray Disc䋢 Player is the perfect companion to all your USB devices.

Everything At Your Fingertips

Enjoy the convenience of having one remote which controls the endless entertainment options of your TV, audio, and PlayStation3. Whether you are watching a movie, listening to music, or browsing through photos on your PlayStation3 system, one remote control allows you to easily navigate and control them all.



* Reprint from Manufacturers Website.

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