The Woodstock


Introducing back into the fold, the all new 'Woodstock'

Bust out the chest hair and dust off those flairs because Woodstock is back, baby. And we’re not talking bourbon. This stunning timber turntable and active speaker combo is our most serious two-piece audio offering to date. Pro-ject Audio’s all-new Debut Carbon Walnut in combination with The Sixes from the Klipsch Heritage Wireless series are serving up ball-tearing analogue tunage, Bluetooth wireless technology, multiple digital inputs, and room-filling sound for a fraction of its former price. They do everything! But it’s not just what they do, nor how the do it without all the additional components, leads and whatnot, that has us spinning like we’re on psychedelics. It’s the versatility, the  affordability and the sheer beauty of the Woodstock that makes this one analogue package deal you do not want to miss.

Your Table

In a growing marketplace for quality tables at affordable prices, few if any offer the design, features, and finish of Pro-ject’s Debut Carbon Walnut. The first iterations of the Debut line were introduced in the nineties and were a revolution for the hi-fi industry. There was a broad acceptance that the Compact Disc had analogue music pegged for dead technology. But it was Pro-ject’s Debut series, the first affordable “mass-market” analogue product since the CD, that reinforced the definitive value of vinyl’s audio reproduction. Well over a decade on and Pro-ject continue to refine their DEBUT table line with further upgrades and finer finishes.


  • Debut’s 2-point bearing precisions carbon fibre tonearm has long been it’s most distinguished feature. Carbon tubes increase stiffness and decrease resonance, making them more responsive while at the same time less susceptible to resonant vibrations that cause distortion. Due to production costs, it’s normally the kind of material reserved for high-end tonearms on high-end tables. Not with Pro-ject.
  • In addition to this is the increased platter size and weight for improved rotation and overall sound quality.
  • Thanks to its low noise AC motor and effective decoupling, the precision frequency DC-driven AC generator increases speed stability without increasing unwanted vibration. What all that means is that the motor, which is ultra quiet, is also suspended from the table's plinth, further isolating playback from unwanted vibrations that cause distortion.
  • Ortofon is the largest cartridge manufacture in the world, the 2M series one of its highest selling lines. And thanks to Project the Ortofon 2M Red, as serious moving magnet cartridge, is pre fitted to the Debut Carbon Walnut. It’s a major improvement over previous iterations of the Debut line that only housed the OM series.

The Speakers

Want all the benefits of an AV receiver without the big ugly box? Want great stereo sound from multiple audio sources without hifi racks, multiple components, tricky cables and confusing setup sequences. Easy. Klipsch’s seventies inspired The Sixes are some of the best all-in-one active speakers on the planet and the answer to all your audio aesthetic needs.

These easy to use active speakers, with 6.5” woofers and 1” titanium tweeters, offer truly room-filling audio in a 70s inspired aesthetic. Incorporating the luxury materials of real timber veneer and spun copper for switches and jog dials, Klipsch’s Heritage Wireless series is blending contemporary audio technologies with design principles and material choices from Hifi’s heyday. And with the inclusion of Bluetooth wireless technology in a housing borrowed from their Heritage Series Heressy III’s, Klipsch The Sixes are a little something old, a little something new, something borrowed, and something blue.


  • There are dual analogue inputs, a single 3.5mm mini jack line level input and RCA phono level input with a switchable line option. The switchable RCA phono option allows you to connect any turntable to the internal phono preamplifier within the right speaker housing or completely bypass it should you wish to use your own. It’s a convenient option for vinyl enthusiasts who already have an audiophile grade phono stage or are looking to further refine their audio quality in future.
  • Dual digital inputs (USB audio and digital optical) allow for easy connection to both your home television and computer. Forget the additional soundbar with it’s lifeless playback, lack of soundstage and zero imaging. The Sixes connect direct to your television and produce stunning audio quality. Additionally, they’ll also connect to your home PC or Mac for all those high resolution files you’ve got stored away.
  • Stream all your favourite tunes with inbuilt Bluetooth wireless technology. Simply rotate the front dial until the Bluetooth icon on The Sixes’ front panel display begins flashing, pair with your digital device and your in action. Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, whatever your streaming weapon of choice The Sixes will deliver beautiful wireless audio playback.
  • And for all those bass junkies out there, these stunning pair of active speakers offer a single RCA line level output for connecting a sub.

There’s not much these incredible all-in-one speakers don’t offer. In an audio world filled with technical innovations offering a wide variety of convenience and usability to their customers, it’s nice to know it needn’t be housed in cold, space-aged designs using cheap plastic material. Klipsch’s Wireless Heritage Range is forging new paths, housing the latest technology in high quality materials using classic design features.

This package includes all the cables and bits you'll need. However, it DOES NOT come with the acrylic platter featured.The Debut Walnut comes standard with a black, aluminium platter and felt mat. The Acrylic-it platter featured is not only an eye-catching upgrade, it significantly improves the sound quality and performance of your turntable. We highly recommend it. We also recommend adding in some cleaning gear to extend the life of your turntable.

Vinyl Cleaning

Vinyl Records are inherently statically charged and attract dust, fluff and grit like a magnet. To protect that atmospheric sound of playing your precious vinyl we highly recommend you invest in an anti-static record brush. It will prevent your stylus running over these contaminants and damaging your records. 

The AM record cleaner box set not only includes the Anti-Static Record Cleaning Brush but also an equally important stylus cleaner to remove the build up on the stylus due to playing your vinyl. The record cleaner fluid and cloth are the perfect solution to cleaning up your record collection and optimising your vinyl listening experience.

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