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The Sexual Healing turntable pack is perfect for audiophiles who want to experience music in the most intimate and detailed way possible. The pack features a Technics turntable, which is known for its superior sound quality and durability. Its high-torque, direct-drive motor ensures that the platter spins at a consistent speed, leading to better sound quality and improved accuracy.

The Rotel Tribute integrated amplifier is another key component of this system. This amplifier features a high-performance Class AB power supply that ensures that the system delivers accurate and detailed sound. The amplifier also supports a variety of connectivity options, including Bluetooth, USB, and RCA inputs that accommodate a wide range of audio sources.

The final component in this pack is the Bowers and Wilkins 700 series speakers. These speakers are designed to deliver the most accurate and natural sound possible. They feature a 6-inch woofer and a tweeter that work together to deliver powerful and dynamic sound with exceptional clarity and detail.

Overall, the Sexual Healing turntable pack is an excellent investment for anyone who is serious about music. It delivers a remarkably clear and detailed sound that allows listeners to appreciate the subtle nuances in their favourite tracks. Whether you're a musician, DJ, or just love listening to music, this turntable pack will give you an unmatched audio experience