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ProJect X2 Turntable Satin Black

ProJect X2 Turntable Satin Black

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  • 405 Brunswick St Fitzroy
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Project X2 Satin Black

ProJect X2 Turntable in Satin Black

Built in Europe from decades of experience.

The Pro-Ject X2 boasts the wonderful heritage of Pro-Ject Audio, focusing on attention to detail & craftsmanship at an affordable price offering. The entire X2 is manufactured in Europe, from the smallest component to the plinth and tonearm. With such care taken in the production of this turntable, Pro-Ject is able to deliver truly astounding build quality, so you’re guaranteed an exceptional analog experience at every price point.

Time-tested design

The X2 is the latest in over 25 years of design refinement and evolution, tracing its origins right back to the very beginning of Pro-Ject back in 1991. At that point, CDs were taking over, and vinyl fell out of fashion. Pro-Ject knew the irreplaceable experience of listening to a record would never fully go away, though, and made a commitment to analogue audio that is still being honoured today.

Dense MDF plinth with gorgeous finish options

Every aspect of the X2 is crafted to a premium standard, to ensure a sublime experience for all senses. The dense MDF plinth gives the X2 a solid feel that reflects its quality construction, while also providing another line of resistance against unwanted vibrations that can spoil your music. The gorgeous Piano Black finish is painted in eight careful layers and hand-polished for a lustrous feel that you’d expect to find on a far more expensive product. The Walnut finish has a more natural feel, bringing an understated elegance to spaces with warmer décor.

Isolated motor

The motor of the X2 has superb vibration expulsion. The motor suspends on a free-floating TPE belt with no points of contact to the chassis body, eliminating unwanted vibrations from the motor through to the turntable.

Push Button Speed Control

Switch easily between 33⅓ and 45 RPM records with the X2’s push-button speed control, and even play 78 RPM records with a suitable cartridge and change of belt (included in the box).

9" Carbon Fibre and Aluminium sandwich construction tonearm

The longer and thicker design of the new 9" carbon/aluminium sandwich construction tonearm is perfect for the vinyl enthusiast looking to elevate in clarity and cartridge. It is suited to heavier cartridges with refined stylus profiles that require very precise alignment. VTA and Azimuth adjustments are also on-board, giving you the perfect upgrade path for future enhancements to your X2’s playback.

Heavy Acrylic Platter

The 30mm, 2kg platter of the X2 makes for a highly stable and consistent playing ground for the 9" tonearm, allowing it to transpose the information in the grooves with minimal feedback or interference. More than just an eye-catching aesthetic feature, the translucent acrylic platter is a perfect companion to vinyl, making sure nothing extra is added to the sound so you can enjoy your records exactly as they were intended. The X2’s 2kg acrylic platter helps ensure smooth, accurate speed as well as further resisting unwanted vibrations.


Speed 33, 45, 78 (electronic speed change)
Platter 30mm thick acryl, 2 kg heavy acryl
Principle belt drive
Tonearm 9” carbon/aluminium sandwich tonearm
Full Technical Specifications
Main bearing: Stainless steel
Wow & flutter: 33: +/-0,12%; 45: +/-0,10%
Effective arm length: 9“/230 mm
Overhang: 18.0 mm
Power consumption: 4.5 W max / 0.3 W standby
Weight: 10 kg net
Speed variance 33: +/-0,25%; 45: +/-0,20%
Signal to Noise: 70 dB
Effective tonearm mass: 13.5 g
Tracking force range: 0 - 30mN
Dimensions: 460 x 150 x 340 mm (WxHxD) lid closed


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