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ProJect VT-E BT Bluetooth Turntable *VINYL REVIVAL EXCLUSIVE*


Sometimes you come across something that is so effortlessly cool yet so wondrously versatile it begs belief. Introducing Pro-ject’s VTE-BT, a vertical/bluetooth turntable that is sure to be the centrepiece of any home hifi setup. Depending on your preference, the VTE rests effortless on its rear support stand or can be wall mounted for a truly unique turntable display. The versatility of its mounting systems means the VTE-BT is the perfect turntable for those with limited space, and with the addition of a built-in phono preamplifier and bluetooth capability it needn’t be accompanied by bulky hifi amps and speakers. Simply plug it in and turn it on and the VTE-BT automatically connects to any bluetooth receiver. Designed as a truly plug and play turntable, the VTE is so simple to set up you’ll be playing records seconds after breaking it open. But it’s all for nothing if it don’t sound sweet. With a factory fitted OM5E Ortofon cartridge/styli combo – the largest cartridge manufacture on the planet – you can be assured the quality of your audio has not been sacrificed for the sake of design. This is a truly beautiful sounding turntable. But don’t just take my word for it. Come in and listen for yourself. We’ve mounted ours to the back wall above the old fireplace and linked it to one of Pro-ject’s Maia amplifiers. It’s a seriously impressive setup.


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