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ProJect Pre Box DS2 Digital Preamplifier

ProJect Pre Box DS2 Digital Preamplifier

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  • 405 Brunswick St Fitzroy
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Project Pre Box DS2 Digital Preamplifier

... a true high performance all-arounder!  

The advanced Pre Box DS2 Digital is an universal and very flexible pre-amplifier and D/A converter of highest class. The built in D/A converter AK4490, from high end manufacturer Asahi Kasai Microdevices, has five different digital filters which let you shape the sound to your preference.

It offers full DSD256 support and upsampling of all input signals to 768kHz from USB, coaxial and optical inputs. This realises high-resolution sound playback with a rich sound field and bass representation with less distortion. It features five digital inputs as well as analogue line level input and phono line in. The Bluetooth receiver supports aptX for best wireless sound conversion.

That makes it suitable for any source available. One variable, one fixed analogue output and also one to connect the Pre Box DS2 Digital to your subwoofer are available. The samplerate converter (AK4137) features three different settings (sound modes). All that makes the Pre Box DS2 Digital the most versatile high performance pre-amplifier D/A converter in its price range!

The Pre Box DS2 Digital gives you plenty of connectivity for your source components. An MM and MC capable phono preamplifier as well as a line level input for any other analogue source round up this incredible one box solution. Four analog outputs (fixed, variable, subwoofer, headphone) together with S/PDIF optical digital, 

Pro-Ject's Pre Box DS2 Digital doesn't just play your music files, it also lets you decide how you want them to sound. With a total of five digital filters available onboard, the sound can be shaped precisely to your liking.

The filters consist of Super Slow Roll-Off (no echo, natural sound), Short Delay Roll-Off (minimal echo, original sound, acoustic tone), Slow Roll-Off (minimal echo, original sound, traditional tone), Short Delay Sharp Roll-Off (post echo, bass sound, acoustic sound), and Sharp Roll-Off (pre and post echo, powerful sound, traditional sound).

In sonic performance the Pro-Ject Pre Box DS2's primary quality is its neutral sound and its ability to make the listener forget it’s there in order to focus on the sources wired to it. It commutes them and controls their volume with an absolute transparency, before transmitting their sound to an amplifier, a power amplifier or active speakers.

Due to its class-leading audio performance Pre Box DS2 Digital is an ultimate high-end bargain!  

Phono stage (MM/MC), Line In on board  

• 5 digital Inputs: 1x USB, 2x optical, 1x coax, 1x Bluetooth (aptX)  

• Top grade AK4490 D/A chip (32-bit PCM 768kHz / DSD256)  

• Up to 32bit/768kHz asynchronous USB (XMOS technology)  

• DSD64, DSD128 & DSD256 (DSD over PCM)  

• Up to 24bit/192kHz for optical & coax inputs  

• 5 selectable digital filter characteristics  

• 3 selectable sound modes  

• Headphone output on the front (6.3mm)  

• High-end ultra low phase oscillator with superior noise rejection  

• RCA line level solid-state analogue output stage  

• Ultra linear & ultra low noise circuitry  

• Full alu/metal sandwich casing in silver or black  

• Optional wooden side panels available!  

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