Pro-Ject "The Classic" Turntable

Contemporary Turntable Innovation Meets Timeless Design with ‘The Classic’

Pre-Fitted Ortofon 2M Bronze For A Limited Time Only

For a limited time only, Vinyl Revival is offering Project Audio’s The Classic pre-fit with the Ortofon 2M Bronze at just $1495.00, over six hundred dollars off the recommended retail price. It’s never been a better time to get your hands on a serious turntable/cartridge combo. The Classic makes use of traditional turntable design with a number of contemporary innovations. It’s outer timber-veneer frame (Walnut, Rosenut, Eucalyptus) supports an inner, fully suspended, brushed aluminium chassis. This TPE suspended metal/MDF sandwich chassis dampens motor vibrations by isolating the centre bearing, the platter and the tonearm from the turntable’s outer frame and undercarriage. Its damped, fully adjustable feet with felt cushions further isolate the turntable from the distortions caused by external vibration.

The Classic supports a 9” carbon fibre/aluminium sandwich construction tonearm tube for further damping and rigidity. The new Japanese ball bearing design allow the tonearm wires to lead directly down the middle of the tonearm instead of former groove constructions for cables on the side, improving both tonearm movement and interference. And its counterweight has been updated as well to include a new Ortofon damping pad with nickel finish. This truly is a ground-up deconstruction of classic style using innovative material and design choices, making The Classic both aesthetically timeless and audibly contemporary.

Ortofon’s 2M Bronze is an award winning cartridge. Its nude, fine line diamond stylus is housed in a newly developed Lexan DMX Piano Black, ensuring high rigidity while eliminating unwanted resonances. It’s Ortofon’s perfect sweet spot between the attack of the 2M Black ($999) and the balance of the 2M Blue ($329). Marc Mickelson of The Audio Beat stated in 2016 that the 2M Bronze not only represented the 2M line’s sweet spot ‘but also its musical core. …’ And now, for a limited time only, Vinyl Revival is offering it pre-fitted with Project Audio’s The Classic.

This is a beautiful combination of complementary audio products designed to give you the ultimate analogue experience, and now it comes at a irresistible price. Either click to cart or call in store to get your hands on this incredible pack today.


• Belt drive with manual speed control 33/45 rpm  

• Height adjustable decoupling feet  

• Precision balanced TPE*-damped aluminium-platter / felt mat  

• Metal/MDF sandwich chassis floating on TPE* suspension  

• 9” carbon/aluminium tonearm with MM & MC capability  

• Japanese ball bearing (base of tonearm)  

• Integrated central vertical cable outlet for unhindered arm movement  

• Ultra low friction Zircon pin-point cardan bearings (top & side)  

• Azimuth and VTA fully adjustable  

• TPE damped counterweight  

• Optionally available with 2M Silver phono cartridge  

• Classic wooden chassis in 3 matt finishes (walnut, rosenut, eucalyptus)  

• Dustcover included  

*)TPE is a family of modern damping materials which can be tuned to damp resonances at specific frequencies. So any TPE we use is different and specially designed for the material and frequency range it should damp!

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