Pioneer Pro PLX500 Professional DJ Turntable

Pioneer DJ

Based on the design of the PLX-1000 professional turntable, the Pioneer PLX-500 is the perfect turntable to play your treasured vinyl collection at home. The well-constructed high-torque deck provides outstanding vibration damping and minimal distortion for clean, clear audio. Free Pioneer rekordbox software makes it easy to create digital audio recordings when you use the USB out to connect the turntable to your computer. There's no need for an external phono amplifier when you use the phone/line outlet switch to connect to your sound system or powered speakers.

The PLX-500 comes with a jacket stand inside the dust cover, so you can display record covers while you listen to your favorite vinyl. A PC-HS01-S headshell and a slipmat are also included to get you started enjoying your music right away. The audio conversion cord features a female stereo pin plus a male stereo mini plug, and the turntable includes a USB cord to give you even more versatility.

  • Connect directly to sound system without phono amp required
  • High-torque drive mechanism
  • Solidly built with excellent vibration damping and precise audio playback
  • Make digital recordings of your vinyl collection in Pioneer's free rekordbox software
  • Includes slip mat, dust cover with jacket stand, adapter for 45 EP records, headshell (with cartridge) and balance and shell weights
  • Audio conversion cord features 1 Stereo pin plug (female), 1 Stereo mini plug (male) and a USB cord

Type: Decks

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