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NOW CLOSED SUNDAYS (03) 9419 5070

Naim Uniti Atom Integrated Streaming Amplifier

by Naim
Original price $6,000.00 - Original price $6,000.00
Original price
$6,000.00 - $6,000.00
Current price $6,000.00

Naim Uniti Atom Integrated Streaming Amplifier 

Compact High-End All-in-One

Uniti Atom is a beautiful, compact multi-source music player that will seduce you with its amazing sound quality and outstanding feature-set. Its 40-watt integrated amplifier and high-resolution music streaming capabilities will fill your home with stunning high-fidelity sound. Atom is perfect as a high-end main system or even for use in the kitchen or study, where space is at a premium. Just add speakers. Our Naim App for iOS and Android combines all of your music sources in one place, making Uniti Atom even more appealing

Uniti System

Whatever the source, Naims revolutionary new Uniti players combine seamless digital technology with analogue soul for a sound that’s unmistakably Naim. Play, stream, rip and store entire music collections in flawless high-resolution. Then use Naims custom-designed software to bring out every note of your music with true high-fidelity sound. New Uniti also gives you the option to sync up to six Uniti systems or other Naim streamers and play music from any source in multiple rooms simultaneously. Or play different music in every room.

Bringing Uniti to Life

Conceived and built from the ground up by Naims engineers and designers in Salisbury, England, Uniti remains true to their core design principles. From the finned aluminum heatsinks (inspired by our Statement flagship amplification system) to the brushed black aluminum casing, the new illuminated signature volume control and the beautifully lit base – every minute detail has been considered to deliver a beautiful aesthetic packed with features and technology whilst achieving reference-level sound quality. Uniti is a true masterpiece of industrial design. 

Control Your Way

New and improved Naim app

The new intuitive Naim App gives you effortless control over individual or multiple Uniti products. You can access all of your music, including your favourite radio stations, streaming services and playlists, or explore artist discographies and biographies. Furthermore, you can now update your system wirelessly with a single tap. The new app also allows you to control both Naim streaming products and hard-disk servers, so there’s no need for two separate apps.

Glass display and intuitive remote control

Uniti Atom features a full-colour 5” LCD glass display with a proximity sensor that wakes up on approach, accompanied by a bidirectional intelligent remote control that works in harmony with the unit’s volume control. Giving you complete freedom of movement, Uniti is a joy to use. 


You may see the Uniti Atom being described as a streamer, but to do so is to do it something of a disservice. In effect it’s a system, to which you need only attach a suitably talented pair of speakers.It is a high performance amplifier with the onboard amplifier being Class A/B, derived from the NAIT integrated amps.The most immediately noticeable upgrade from the previous UnitiQute 2 is the level of clarity and insight.The Atom is like opening a door and now listening to the music from inside the room.

You will be also generally impressed with the soundstage that the Uniti Atom offers.The Uniti Atom expands the music outwards, clearly and cleanly separating the individual elements of each track.The Naim Uniti Atom delivers breathtaking sound quality, with a real sense of space and detail.

As well as being able to play USB-stored music and pick up media elsewhere on your network, the Uniti Atom benefits from having Google Chromecast, Tidal, Spotify Connect and Internet radio built in, with further wireless connection available via AirPlay and Bluetooth aptX HD.You can configure the Uniti Atom as part of a multi-room system using the app, too. Plug a turntable into the analogue input (using a suitable phono stage, of course) and have the same record playing in up to five rooms through the house.Naim says this HDMI input is galvanically isolated to ensure no noise from the TV power supply (or anything connected to it) is passed through to the Uniti Atom.

 Everything about it screams luxury, from the oversized, light-up volume knob on the top, to the thick steel vents on the sides, to the absolutely splendid full-color screen on the front. Dynamic and textured, the Atom is able to pull details out of recordings without any extra added flab with precision and perfect timing.The Atom excels because just about every aspect of the sound feels assured and confident.


Dimensions and Weight

95 mm x 245 mm x 265 mm (H x W x D)
7 kg


Audio Inputs
2 x Optical TOSLink (up to 24bit/96kHz)
1 x Coaxial RCA (up to 24bit/192kHz, DoP 64Fs)
1 x RCA
2 x USB Type A socket (front and rear)

Audio Outputs
1 x Stereo power amplifier
1 x RCA sub/pre output
1 x 3.5mm headphone jack 

Upgradeable Performance

In true Naim style, the new Uniti Atom can be upgraded with one our external power amplifiers, such as the compact NAP 100. You can also add a subwoofer for deeper bass extension. And for those with extensive CD collections, you can add a Uniti Core music server to your system to store and stream thousands of albums to your Uniti player and back up all of your music in one place.