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405 BRUNSWICK ST FITZROY (03) 9419 5070

    Light My Fire Turntable Package

    by Combo
    Save $610.00 Save $610.00
    Original price $6,005.00
    Original price $6,005.00 - Original price $6,005.00
    Original price $6,005.00
    Current price $5,395.00
    $5,395.00 - $5,395.00
    Current price $5,395.00

    The Turntable

    The Audio Technica  is in Audio Technica's words: “the best turntable we’ve ever built”.In fact it may be the one of the best turntables any manufacturer has built at its price. The platter is made from a non-resonant polymer and weighs in at a substantial 2.07kg. This Audio Technica is impressively quiet - the motor is elastomerically isolated. It has an inbuilt phono preamplifier and comes with Audio Technicas famous VM Series Dual Magnet cartridge where the stylus has 3 optional upgrades. Its performance for the price will exceed your expectations. You will particularly enjoy the timing and rhythm this Audio Technica brings to every record.

    The Amplifier - Now with Bluetooth

    Ah, valves. How we like their delicacy, sonic warmth and the way they light up. There are still valve amplifier manufacturers that work tirelessly to emulate that rich sound of the valve amplifier era. The Cayin is handcrafted with point-to-point wiring, two wide bandwidth EI output transformers, and powered by a specially designed toroidal transformer to prevent magnetic leakage. Cayin was founded in 1993 and are devoted to design and production of hi-end audio equipment.They specialise in valve amplifiers and base their designs on the iconic Saul B. Marantz Models 7 and 8 of the 1960's which were famous for their sweet, natural and exceptionally musical sound.As an example of Cayin's dedication to optimal sonic performance they use point to point hand-made construction in all their valve amplifiers.

    The Speakers

    Wood, glass, leather and metal – there’s a lot happening with the Focal speakers’ design. The various materials and panels are fitted together expertly.The Focals are ruthlessly efficient – they know exactly how each instrument should sound, how to convey a vocal nuance, how far the dynamics are allowed to soar, and how tightly controlled the entire rhythm needs to be.Crisp, clear and precise, the Focals are a hugely accomplished pair of speakers. Detail is abundant, and delivered with unerring control.Their ability to deliver each thread of sound with the utmost competency is commendable. If you want a serious sound for serious money, the Focal Arias are just the ticket.

    What the Crew Thinks

    Starting with a magnificent turtable like this Audio Technica brings out the sweetness that is playing vinyl. Then add another dollop of cream from the Cayin valve amplifier and envelop yourself in the atmospheric sound that takes over your space.The Focal Aria speakers with their famous Flax mid/bass drivers deliver all of this in a special way that will keep you coming back for more....again and again!