Johnny Cash - Personal File Bootleg Vol 1 (FV)

Finest Vinyl

Collections: Country / Americana, Folk, Vinyl

Type: Vinyl

Deep within the House of Cash, Johnny Cash`s recording studio, office suite, and museum in Hendersonville, Tennessee, behind the studio`s control room, was a small vault-like space in which many of his most prized possessions were stored. A collection of rare firearms dating back to the 18th Century, some personal effects of Jimmie Rodgers, artwork and letters from fans all over the world and much more was carefully arranged and locked away for safekeeping. Then there were the tapes. Hundreds of them. Demos from songwriters, album masters, multi-tracks of the ABC television series, and some boxes marked simply "Personal File." These are Johnny`s most intimate sessions, recorded mostly in 1973 and then subsequently at his leisure. Just a lone voice and an acoustic guitar, singing songs and telling stories about them. A concept that has since come to be thought of as revelatory but, as is evident in this stunning new set, is something Johnny Cash had been doing all along - if only for his personal file.

Reba Hancock was Johnny Cash's sister, confidant, secretary and an unmoveable source of inspiration and strength throughout the Man in Black's life. They were the same fiber. This collection of recordings is dedicated to her memory.


A1 The Letter Edged In Black 2:38
A2 There's A Mother Always Waiting At Home 4:20
A3 The Engineer's Dying Child 2:06
A4 My Mother Was A Lady 3:35
A5 The Winding Stream 2:36
A6 Far Away Places 2:23
A7 Galway Bay 1:44
A8 When I Stop Dreaming 3:10
B1 Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes 3:31
B2 I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen 2:27
B3 Missouri Waltz 1:58
B4 Louisiana Man 3:27
B5 Paradise 3:03
B6 I Don't Believe You Wanted To Leave 2:55
B7 Jim, I Wore A Tie Today 2:46
B8 Saginaw, Michigan 2:29
B9 When It's Springtime In Alaska (It's Forty Below) 2:15
C1 Girl In Saskatoon 2:16
C2 The Cremation Of Sam McGee 5:32
C3 Tiger Whitehead 4:44
C4 It's All Over 2:49
C5 A Fast Song 2:31
C6 Virgie 2:56
C7 I Wanted So 2:40
C8 It Takes One To Know Me 3:14
D1 Seal It In My Heart And Mind 1:50
D2 Wildwood In The Pines 2:40
D3 Who At My Door Is Standing 2:30
D4 Have Thine Own Way Lord 3:42
D5 Lights Of Magdala 2:26
D6 If Jesus Ever Loved A Woman 2:37
D7 The Lily Of The Valley 1:43
D8 Have A Drink Of Water 3:35
E1 The Way Worn Traveler 2:01
E2 Look Unto The East 2:11
E3 Matthew 24 (Is Knocking At The Door) 1:56
E4 The House Is Falling Down 2:50
E5 One Of These Days I'm Gonna Sit Down And Talk To Paul 3:19
E6 What On Earth (Will You Do For Heaven's Sake) 2:44
E7 My Children Walk In The Truth 2:49
E8 No Earthly Good 1:50
F1 Sanctified 2:33
F2 Lord, Lord, Lord 2:18
F3 What Is Man 2:21
F4 Over The Next Hill (We'll Be Home) 2:54
F5 A Half A Mile A Day 4:24
F6 Farther Along 2:56
F7 Life's Railway To Heaven 2:14
F8 In The Sweet Bye And Bye 2:50

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