Interpol - Antics (INT)

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Collections: Rock, Vinyl

Type: Vinyl

    The misconception of Joy Division as a bunch of manic depressives who REALLY suffered for their art has resulted in a lot of truly unlistenable 'music' being made over the past few decades in the search of THE MOST MISERABLE BAND IN THE WORLD (TM). Thankfully, Interpol appreciate Joy Divison for the music and not for the trenchcoats, so album number 2 comes off sounding more pop / rock than their debut - and EVEN MORE Joy Division at the same time! The whole album is covered in that guitar sound that John McGeoch made famous in Siouxsie & the Banshees and the rhythm section sound that held it all together before Ian Curtis ended up swinging from the rafters. And, hell, are we sure he really is dead - for on a few songs on this I'm positive it actually IS him singing.
    1. Next Exit
    2. Evil
    3. Narc
    4. Take You On A Cruise
    5. Slow Hands
    6. Not Even Jail
    7. Public Pervert
    8. C'Mere
    9. Length Of Love
    10. A Time To Be So Small

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