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Hi-Fi Racks 4 Tier Podium Reference 612 x 500mm

Hi-Fi Racks Limited

One of our most popular products, the multi accolade and award-winning Podium Reference is a four-legged hi fi rack constructed from your choice of solid hardwood. The sturdy 40mm plinths provide stiffness and stability, with each standard 595mm wide plinth weighing more than 10kg – adding to the rack’s density as well as absorbing vibration.

The Podium Reference is a modular rack, with each tier designed to be placed seamlessly on to the next. The 46mm2 solid hardwood legs are removable and can be made to any length at no extra cost. This allows the hi fi rack to fit around your system, and means you can keep adapting and upgrading your rack with extra tiers and/or longer legs as you add in more equipment. Standard leg lenghts to choose from are 65mm, 85mm, 100mm, 120mm, 150mm, 200mm. Please keep in mind that he leg length includes the isolation spike. 

Each leg comes with a 10mm thick, high tensile steel connection rod and isolating spiked feet, so you can isolate each tier from the next.


 - Solid Oak construction
 - Solid 40mm thick Oak tops
 - Removable solid 46mm square hardwood legs for future expansion
 - 10mm high tensile securing bolt
 - Height adjustment Isolation spikes with locating disc (Stainless or Black) on each Tie
 - Clear satin lacquer finish
  • Solid hardwood construction
  • Hand-made in the UK
  • Each leg is removable for upgradability
  • Each level is isolated from the next
  • Modular construction with infinite choices of height
  • Height adjustment isolation spikes with locating disc (stainless steel or black)
  • Available in five different finishes: Oak (standard finish); Cherry, Walnut, Mahogany, and Black (additional cost)
  • Max Load Per Shelf: 150kg
  • Isolation Spikes: Black / Stainless Steel

* Reprint from Manufacturer's website.

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