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Focal Sib And Cub 5.1 Pack


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Sib & Co, a new way to live and listen

Sib & Co is a range of products designed for those who want an audio/video or stereo system that's compact and aesthetic but without compromising on Focal's renowned sound quality: we don't want to abandon the standards used to create the acknowledged world reference Grande Utopia EM speaker when designing our other products. On the contrary, Sib & Co is a range that is truly built to the same quality standards as any other Focal speaker; to guarantee the best level of performance within their sector. Designed to give the maximum integration in any room or home, Sib & Co is easy to live with and use everyday, whether for music or multi channel home cinema sound, thanks to its practical design and multiple mounting options - either on stands or on-wall integrated around a Plasma screen - we could not let you buy a top of the range display and not give you the sound to go with it...

Black and white

For 2009, the Sib&Co line changes to black and white with the Jet Black finish and the new Pearl White finish. The Jet Black finish harmoniously mixes glossy and matt black and perfectly matches the actual aesthetic trends (Plasma and LCD screens). The Pearl White finish is a perfect integration solution, ideally combining high performance and unobtrusiveness. Technically, Sib & Co is not evolving, simply because this loudspeaker line has collected an impressive quantity of trophies in the international press thanks to its well-recognized technical qualities.

Sib and sib XL Focal speaker

Sib XL Jet Black and Sib Pearl White


Sib Description

Since the creation of the Sib loudspeaker in 2002, this little speaker remains a musical reference in the high quality playback of all categories such as two-channel, home theatre, background music and multiroom. Delivered with its own integrated stand-wall mount, or the Hip stand(tall) as an option. Also available in T version (100V).

Technical specifications

Type 2-way compact bass-reflex speaker.
Drivers 5"(13cm) Polyflex mid-bass. 3/4"(19mm) mylar tweeter dome.
Finish Jet Black, Pearl White
Net weight 4.6Ibs (2.1kg)
Dimensions (HxWxD) 10-3/4 x 5-9/16 x 6-7/16
Recommended amplifier power 15 - 75W
Crossover frequency 3 500Hz
Minimum impedance 4 Ohms
Nominal impedance 8 Ohms
Sensitivity (2,83 V/1 m) 90dB
Low frequency point 69Hz
Frequency response (+or-3dB) 75Hz - 20kHz


Cub Description

Thanks to its 8"(21cm) woofer, 150W BASH amplifier and a new generation port, the Cub 2 possesses unlimited resources for its small size. It is the natural complement to the speakers of the Sib & Co line for a marriage of integration and performance. Type: Active bass-reflex subwoofer.

Technical specifications

Type 8
Subwoofer features Variable crossover, 50Hz to 150Hz, phase inverter 0/180, Autopower, high/low level input, LFE input.
Finish Jet Black
Net weight 22.2Ibs (11kg)
Dimensions (HxWxD) 13-1/6 x 11-13/16 x 11-13/16
Recommended amplifier power 150W BASH amplifier
Low frequency point 32Hz
Frequency response (+or-3dB) 40Hz - 150Hz

Active bass-reflex subwoofer.

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