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Focal Easya Floorstanders & Easya Hub Combo


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Easya Floorstanders

Easya is a powered and wireless sound system. It combines all the qualities of a classic high fidelity speaker with the new ways of enjoying music. Easya features amplifier with a wireless receiver that can be linked with the Hub. With Easya, Focal has created a simple-to-use system without the limitations of a separate system.

Recommended for rooms measuring from 20m2 and for a listening distance of 2.5m.


What really sets Easya apart from other loudspeakers is how easy it is to install and use. No settings are required to set it up. What' more, the pairing of the loudspeakers and the Hub has already been taken care of at Focal's factory.  It's easy: just plug the loudspeakers and the hub into the mains and you're off!


Easya is equipped with two 5" (13cm) Polyglass speakers, for rich midrang, double bass level and high power handling. An Aluminium/Magnesium inverted dome TNV2 tweeter with Poron suspension offers softer treble sound.
Ultra rigid MDF board construction with excellent inertia and neutrality features a powerful 85W RMS amplifier.


  • Compact amplified powered floor standing loudspeaker (one amplifier per loudspeaker)
  • Uncompressed, lossless, digital wireless reception
  • All the quality of conventional hi-fi speakers
  • Loudspeakers designed and manufactured in France by Focal
  • Available in White High Gloss and Black High Gloss

Easya Hub

The Hub is a digital wireless transmitter which transmits the audio to the loudspeakers in a quality of sound that is absolutely identical to that of a CD.

Thanks to its numerous inputs, the Hub connects Easya to all audio sources : smartphone, tablet, computer, TV and CD player. It is also compatible with the Bluetooth aptX technology.

Supplied with a remote control, the hub acts as a digital wireless transmitter that connects all audio sources to Easya (or any other compatible wireless device).


Thanks to the analogue and digital inputs, the hub can be connected to all your devices: displays, CD players, DVD players, etc., all this while providing CD-quality sound with no loss of quality and no compression.

Thanks to the universal Bluetooth aptX technology, you can also connect it to your portable devices: tablets, smartphones, PCs and Macs etc., while still maintaining good audio quality.
For fans of new technologies, you can even connect the hub to your computer (Mini USB) and control your music from your smartphone or tablet.


  • Uncompressed, lossless, digital wireless transmission
  • Analog, digital and USB inputs
  • Bluetooth aptX compatible for greater ease of use
  • External USB sound card mode for computers
  • Volume adjustment of all the sources via remote control


Analog inputs

  • RCA
  • 3.5mm jack

Digital inputs

  • TosLink (Optical)
  • Coaxial
  • Mini USB: external sound card for Mac or PC computers

*Reprint from Manufacturers Website.

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