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HOURS: 10.00AM-5.00PM MON - SAT / OPEN AUSTRALIA DAY 12-4PM (03) 9419 5070
HOURS: 10.00AM-5.00PM MON - SAT / OPEN AUSTRALIA DAY 12-4PM (03) 9419 5070

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The Fitzroy Rock City Pack was designed for the champagne taste and a beer budget. Living with people but want to crank the volume? Throw in a set of cans on and plug right into the headphone jack.

With speakers that punch above their weight plus a 10 year warranty. Pair that with a newly released amplifier from Cambridge Audio, you just can't go wrong with this set up. This pack is definitely a winner and should not go over looked.

But if you are unsure, please don't hesitate to contact us 03 9419 5070 or email us

The VR Team...


The Primary E offers the kind of build quality usually associated with more expensive models. Coupled with the Primary’s pre-set counterweight that makes set up a breeze, it’s an unbeatable option for a vinyl newcomer.


With 25 watts of power per channel as a great value pack, the AXA25 features a 3.5mm auxiliary input on the front for smartphones and four analog inputs on the panel. back to connect all your sources.


The Elac Debut series has certainly shaken up the world of bookshelf speakers with the famous speaker designer Andrew Jones stepping up to the plate with a completely new affordable range for Elac of Germany.