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DZ Deathrays - Bloody Lovely (UNI)

Universal Music

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Type: Vinyl

DZ Deathrays emerged from the sweaty heat of Brisbane back in the heady days of 2008: a pair of loose units intent on tearing house parties apart with their barely-hinged two-piece punk.

Nine years, two albums, two ARIA awards, critical and commercial appreciation, and countless high-octane shows around the world later... how things have changed.

New album 'Bloody Lovely' is the DZ Deathrays expanded universe: the perfect amalgamation of all that has come before it, but kicking in the afterburners, and shooting into the stratosphere as we all hold on for dear life.
Named for a perfectly Australian turn of phrase (favoured by the father of Parsons' girlfriend: "it's brutal and beautiful, and super Aussie," says Shane) it's a fully-formed progression from their first two albums. They've created the perfect soundtrack to a night that rolls from introspective to deranged: from wilful, optimistic beginnings and euphoric peaks, through the quiet ruminative examinations of the bottom of a glass and the bleary-eyed, regretful close as the sun comes up... with a hint of optimism hovering behind the pain of consequences being damned.

180gm black vinyl, includes download


  1. Shred For Summer
  2. Total Meltdown
  3. Feeling Good, Feeling Great
  4. Like People
  5. High


  1. Guillotine
  2. Bad Influence
  3. Over It
  4. Back & Forth
  5. Afterglow
  6. Witchcraft Pt. II

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