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Black Soundbbath


Introducing the Black Soundbbath, Satan's favourite new audio setup


The biggest contributor to better sound quality is your stylus (needle). Higher quality styli track the grooves of the record with greater accuracy and pick more information from it, in turn offering better dynamic range. And what all that means – in plain English, of course – is you get sweeter and sweeter tunes with better and better needles, so don’t be expecting no wonders from a cheapy.

Now, if you wrap your smackers ‘round Pro-Ject’s DC Debut Carbon turntable with the Ortofon 2M Red you’ll notice it’s a hundred and ninety bucks worth of stylus upgrade for a fraction of the price. Yup, we’re just throwing away money here. But, wait, because there’s a good reason for this. Sure, you can get a Debut Carbon with the stock styli and it’ll be really nice. And, sure, for a lot of first-timers really nice is, well, a really nice place to start. But break in the 2M Red on your free Black Sabbath album and by Jesus you’re in action.

We’re talking records here, guys. Vinyl bloody records – LPs, 33s, shiny black wax poured from the golden chalice of the music gods, themselves. Nobody wants nice. If we wanted nice we’d’ve kept our CDs. We want ball-tearing, bad arse tunage (insert Jack Black death metal head bashing here). We want deep luscious baselines, extension in our midrange, and a Smith’s crinkle cut kind of crispness from our highs. You didn’t come to the promised land of vinyl to f#$k around. You wanted better sound quality, and you’re damn well gonna get it with a 2M Red.

This is not just the highest selling turntable in the world, this is the highest selling turntable in the world with a kickass 2M Red on it. So forking out a few extra dollars now is going to give you a lot bigger sound in the long run. Drop into Fitzroy to pick one up direct or buy here online. Your ears will thank you. Your mum will thank you. Sh!t, even Ozzy will thank you.



Powered speakers are all the rage these days. With the influx of high density housing our living space has significantly reduced. But just cause you’re sacrificing space doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your sound quality, too. The biggest problem getting big sound from active speakers is efficiency. A small bookshelf housing isn’t a whole lot of room for a big juicy amplifier. Even some of the smallest bookshelf speakers from certain manufactures need a whole lot of power to give them adequate detail. But not Klipsch. This is where Kilipsch come into their own. Efficiency has been Klipsch’s M.O for the last 70 years, and what this means is they don’t need a big, powerful amplifier to get a whole lot zip out of their bookshelf speakers. So while the amplifier in the R-15s is small, the speakers themselves honk. Easily one of the best – if not the best on the market.

Now, when you add an inbuilt phono stage, optical inputs for your television, bluetooth, and an optional sub out (for all those bass heads out there), you get a whole lot of hifi for very little equipment. And it’s why these bad boys are quickly becoming one of our most popular home hifi solutions. They do it all. And to top it off they pack a whole heap of punch in the audio department. You wedge a serious little turntable between these two killer speakers, like the DC Debut Carbon with 2M Red, and the neighbours’ll be wondering where you’ve hidden the hifi rack and towers. Yes, Klipsch have been pissing off the neighbours since 1946 and there’s no signs of them slowing down. They’re not going to let a little thing (pardon the pun) like high density housing stand between them and banging out some hefty tunes. So if you’re strapped for space, or you simply like the streamlined look of two black speakers and a jet black table, this is the package for you.

For more information on the Black Soundbbath please email us at or visit us in store and talk to one our vinyl junky team members face to face. 


Included in package:
Pro-Ject: Debut Carbon turntable inc. Ortofon 2M Red cartridge
Klipsch: R-15PM Powered speakers (turntable ready)
Pro-Ject: Brush-it Anti-static record cleaner 

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