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Come As You Are Turntable Package

Come As You Are Turntable Package

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Come As You Are Turntable Package

 The Turntable - Project Primary E

With a smart tonearm design ProJect were able to combine pure sound quality with an easy setup on the this turntable. Their plug&play design with pre-adjusted tracking force and anti-skating is uncomplicated but effective. With no compromise in sound. On contraire, the lightweight and low friction aluminium tonearm is optimized for the Ortofon OM series with elliptical stylus for excellent tracking and will bring out its maximum potential. Another bonus is this product being hand-made in Europe.

The ProJect confidently nails the basics, from an even tonal balance to a delivery that’s clear and clean and spacious enough to keep things coherent. Decent body and substance cling reliably to every frequency, and that’s made all the more enjoyable by a spirited sense of drive and momentum. The Pro-Ject wilfully promotes vinyl's warmth and sweetness, communicating vocals as well as the contrasting sense of effort behind drum beats. The ProJect has an entertainingly musical performance and its priority seems to be entertainment.

Powered Speakers - Kanto YU4

The Kanto powered speakers are designed by Canadian company Kanto Living. They are great sounding amplified speakers that incorporate a comprehensive range of analogue and digital inputs that cover the audio needs of todays music listener. These speakers accommodate not only direct input of a turntable, but direct digital input of a TV and wireless connectivity via Bluetooth of your Smartphone for music streaming.Outputs include sub out to attach an optional subwoofer. 

 Sound quality and performance is where these compact amplified speakers shine.The Kantos ability to reproduce vocals and stringed instruments at the level of clarity and crispness it’s capable of is pleasantly surprising. Mids on this Kanto are warm and full making the Kantos an excellent pair of speakers for a premium casual listening experience. Bass on these Kantos is very impressive for their size, which is largely due to their ported cabinet design. Yet more bass is available via connection of an optional subwoofer to their subwoofer output.

What the Crew Think

The ProJect turntable and Kanto active speaker Combo delivers surprising performance and versatility at an unbelievably affordable price. Whether enjoying the atmospheric sound of a real turntable playing vinyl, expanding your TV sound or wirelessly streaming your music from your Smartphone via inbuilt Bluetooth this system delivers in spades - sound quality that shows what quality components can produce.

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