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Chord Sarum Super ARAY XLR Interconnect Cable

Chord Company

The new Sarum Super ARAY cables do everything their predecessors (the Sarum Tuned ARAY cable design) did and a lot more.

More transparent - which to anyone who uses or has heard the original Tuned ARAY version may seem a little surprising? It is though - and quite a lot more.

Quieter - the silence between notes is a lot more apparent and that‰۪s something that surprised us again. That classic musician‰۪s quote about music being the silence between notes has never been more apparent - and what it adds to the musical experience is easier heard than talked about. All that silence means a lot of unheard but definitely unwanted noise has gone.

That absence of noise means another positive as well. The dying moments of piano notes are one of the things that fascinated me when I first got involved with the whole hi-fi thing. I visited every musician I knew and listened and one night, head almost in a grand piano, I heard the magic that happens in the dying of a piano note. Very wild and beautiful and now I can hear it again!

Then there is rhythm. I heard a really profound comment by Dave Brubeck. He was asked if music was a universal language and he thought maybe not music but definitely rhythm. Tuned ARAY allowed us to make the most rhythmically transparent cables yet, and Super ARAY goes still further. Every little inflection, the drag of beat, the driver of the band, the slips and slurs of timing that make for a truly engrossing performance - they are all there and so easy to hear. One of the (many) things that Tuned ARAY showed us was just how much cables can effect rhythm and timing and perhaps even more importantly, just how good so many digital components really were.

This isn‰۪t a clever cable trick, this is a cable that truly gets out of the way, and anyone with an understanding of how important rhythm and timing really are (and that‰۪s pretty much everyone) will hear just how good Super ARAY cables really are. They bring out the magic in music.


*Reprint from Manufacturers Website.

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