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Chord Indigo Tuned ARAY Streaming Cable 1m

Chord Company

One of the really pronounced things about the performance of Tuned ARAY cables is their remarkable consistency in terms of their performance characteristics. Tuned ARAY cables appear to dramatically reduce noise levels within the systems they are used in. The result of this is music with extraordinary levels of detail, dynamics and coherence. This is true of Tuned ARAY analogue cables, digital cables, USB cables and streaming/Ethernet cables.

The conductor configuration of the Indigo Tuned ARAY streaming cable is identical to the one used on our flagship Sarum Tuned ARAY streaming cable and the performance shares many of the same characteristics. There is the same flow and coherence to music that makes everything you listen to sound like a performance.

Because of the way that Tuned ARAY cables work, connecting an Indigo Tuned ARAY to your streamer will mean that despite the different materials and connections, the whole cable run back to the router will behave like a long Tuned ARAY cable. So the improvement that just one cable makes when used at the end of the chain makes it a profound and remarkable upgrade.


The Indigo Tuned ARAY streaming cable is not a conventional Ethernet cable; it does not rely on twisted pair conductor geometry, it‰۪s a design that has been built to carry data to an audio streamer, making use of the design work used to produce Tuned ARAY digital co-axial and USB cables. It employs a high quality sub-miniature coaxial high speed cable for all critical signal paths.

The Indigo Tuned ARAY streaming cable is built using high performance sub-miniature coaxial cable. The signal conductors are silver-plated copper, insulation is PTFE and shielding comprises of a two layers of high density braid, effective to high frequencies and protected with a PTFE outer jacket.

All connections are soldered rather than crimped and the RJ45 connector has been chosen to allow us to securely attach the conductors without any compression to the conductors.

The Tuned ARAY conductor configuration requires a high degree of accuracy during the build process. To produce such a high standard of performance, precision machinery is employed to prepare the individual cables for assembly. Once the individual conductors have been prepared, assembly is carried out by hand. The assembly requires a high degree of accuracy and is complex and time consuming.

Use it with: Any high quality streaming device or transport/DAC that requires a streaming/Ethernet cable. Regardless of the perceived wisdom with regard to streaming cables, Indigo Tuned ARAY streaming cables bring flow, coherence, dynamics and detail that put together make music more alive and more involving.

*Reprint from Manufacturers Website.

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