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Cambridge Audio Minx Xi Music System with Minx XL Speakers

Cambridge Audio

Minx Xi Digital Music System

The stylish little music system that does it all

Minx Xi is designed to play everything in your music collection in crisp, rich, room-filling quality. No matter whether you're streaming from your smartphone, tablet or your home network, or maybe listening to internet radio, you‰۪ll be sure to hear every single detail from all your favourite music.

  • Music on your phone or tablet ‰ÛÒ or from your favourite music apps like Spotify and Rhapsody
  • Music stored on your home network or any computer on your network
  • On board internet radio lets you tune-into your favourite stations or discover new ones around the world
  • Connect your TV, Blu-ray player, gaming consoles and more for a better audio experience
  • Built to last from rigid metal casework and finished in stunning high gloss black or white

Designed from the ground-up by Cambridge Audio in London, Minx Xi is focussed on delivering superb sound quality whatever music you‰۪re into and however it‰۪s stored.

The plays everything system

Minx Xi handles just about any format of music, from any direction you might throw at it. It will wirelessly stream music from smartphones and tablets in their native quality. Music is accessed from your home network using driverless UPnP technology and Minx Xi will playback music files of all formats and sizes - up to stunning 24-bit/96kHz detail, including "lossless" files. Best still your can access and control all your music using our free app on your smartphone or tablet.

Wireless connection works using wi-fi or Bluetooth so it plays nicely with all brands of phone and tablet. And Minx Xi's streaming capabilities also include 20,000+ station internet radio and built-in streaming service support (BBC iPlayer Radio, Rhapsody and Pandora* among many others). Plus pushed firmware updates means Minx Xi is constantly evolving to support the latest and highest-quality services and gadgets.

Minx XL Speakers

Simplicity of design. Incredible performance.

With the Minx XL, we've created a speaker that offers immense hi-fi performance at a ridiculously reasonable price.

The XL is designed from the ground up by our engineers in London and is the perfect complement to the Minx Xi. No matter what you're streaming, you‰۪ll be sure to hear every single detail from all your favourite music.

That stunning sound quality also comes in a surprisingly small package, available in black or white lacquer, making these compact speakers ideal where space is an issue.

*Reprint from Manufacturers Website.

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