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Cambridge Audio Minx X201 Subwoofer

Cambridge Audio

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Our two powerful Minx subwoofers are both packed with significant technological advances. The 200 Watt X201 and the 300 Watt X301 both implement a forward firing driver for amazing punch and attack, combined with a state-of-the-art Auxiliary Bass Radiator (ABR) to deliver thunderous levels despite their compact and discrete design. 


At just 20cm (9”) square, this is one of the world’s smallest subwoofers. It uses a 200 Watt amplifier, one 6.5” active woofer and two auxiliary bass radiators to achieve incredible bass levels and cabinet depth from a tiny enclosure. It can be placed anywhere in a room or tucked behind the sofa, but still add immense warmth and power to any soundtrack.


Our software engineers have designed a sophisticated Digital Signal Processor (DSP) to provide real-time control of equalisation and dynamic range processing for the maximum possible performance while preventing drivers overloading or distorting. This allows the Minx subwoofers to handle more power and play louder than ever!


Both of the subwoofers use an innovative driver plus an ABR(Auxiliary Bass Radiator) system rather than having either an enclosed box (which would require even more powe) or a ported design (which would require a bigger cabinet). The result is two extremely efficient and very powerful subwoofers housed in tiny cabinets, their slender size deceives the eye.


The Minx subwoofers offer complete rear panel control of ‘gain’, ‘phase’ and ‘crossover frequency’, unlike many other style subwoofers which give little or no adjustment in these areas. With these true hi-fi capabilities, regardless of your room’s shape and size Minx’s simple set-up adjustments ensure your system is perfectly customised for placement almost anywhere.

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