Cambridge Audio Minx II S215 5.1 Surround Sound Pack

Cambridge Audio

Minx 215 home cinema system

Minx is on a mission to unite the disconnected worlds of rich, luxurious hi-fi sound and design miniaturisation.

With five Min12 satellite speakers placed at the front, centre and rear of your room and a tiny X201 subwoofer located wherever you wish; this amazing system will instantly transform your living space into a private cinema. Whether you're watching the grittiest action thriller or engrossed in the big game, you'll be blown away by Minx's epic delivery and amazed at the amount of bass this tiny set-up can deliver when required.

But micro size and potent power is just half the story. Where Minx really excels is in its ability to deliver utter composure and perfect integration. Establishing the source of Minx's deep rumbling bass will fox even the most finely-tuned ear since all the sound appears to emanate from the miniscule satellite speakers rather than the subwoofer which is hidden out of view...

Choosing your perfect Minx system is a breeze...
Designed to connect to just about every home cinema receiver or amplifier, Minx instantly fills your living space with a tonal quality that has to be heard to be believed. Whether you‰۪re looking to maximise your music or movie experience or add depth to your favourite TV shows and sports, Minx is waiting to show you what you‰۪ve been missing.
With systems designed around two beautiful satellite speakers and three earth trembling subwoofers ‰ÛÒ all available in high gloss black or white lacquers ‰ÛÒ there are endless combinations of Minx to suit every home.
Whether you desire the ultimate in discreet home cinema or demand near invisible stereo purity, the smallest Mini Minx systems provide everything you need in one neat package.


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