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Minx Air 200 wireless speaker system

Supercharge your wireless music experience - this thing sounds absolutely massive. Wait till you hear it.....

Minx Air 200 wireless speaker system delivers serious, heart-pumping performance, filling the largest rooms in your home.

Whether your music lives on an iPhone, iPad, smartphone, tablet or computer, or you prefer to use Music Apps like Spotify or Napster, you can stream it all wirelessly and instantly to Minx Air 200.

Minx Air is both an AirPlay speaker and Bluetooth speaker so whatever device you use, Minx Air is your perfect partner.

A built-in subwoofer for extended bass and a 200 Watt amplifier really supercharge your listening experience and we‰۪re convinced you‰۪ve never heard such an amazing sound from an integrated system. Yet despite all this, Minx Air 200 is just 45cm wide so it can fit almost anywhere‰Û_

True Cambridge Audio sound, just smaller‰Û_

Minx Air 200 is designed to power the largest living rooms. Powerful digital amplifiers and processing are combined with our Patented BMR speaker technologies for performance like no other wireless system.

Works with your favourite music apps

Developed at our London design centre, Minx Air loves to party! Crank up the volume and the power keeps on coming, and coming.


Internet Radio

We know you love radio and you can enjoy all your favourite stations at the touch of a button in crisp, digital quality. Or discover new stations from around the world. Just tap our free Minx Air app on your phone or tablet, search by genre or location and you‰۪re connected ‰ÛÒApple and Android versions available.

Amazing apps...

The Minx Air app for Apple and Android devices offers: preset control, volume adjustment, bass control and access to EQ settings to tailor Minx Air‰۪s sound for each room.

It also contains a tutorial for easy installation as well as step-by-step videos to simplify your set-up and connection to different devices.

And to ensure everyone can access Minx Air with ease, a neat remote controls power, presets, volume and bass.

Enhance your TV too‰Û_

Minx Air features rear sockets so you can hook up your TV or Blu-ray player and make the most of Cambridge Audio‰۪s legendary audio performance.

Created for you

Minx Air fits into your home rather than taking over and looks as good as it sounds. Made from rigid, yet acoustically damped materials and finished in beautiful high gloss lacquer, Minx Air is seriously solid, guaranteeing no distortion or vibration. The carrying handle stealthily acts as a bass port to improve the deepest notes too.

Easy to set up, easier still to use‰Û_

We‰۪ve worked really hard to make Minx Air intuitive so all your family can enjoy their music. Our Setup Guide ensures your Minx Air is part of your home network in a few simple steps and we‰۪ve created a range of intuitive videos too. Or for direct connection without a network, just press the Bluetooth pairing key and send music direct to your Minx Air.

Welcome to a world of music without wires‰Û_ Welcome to the world of Minx Air.

Minx Air Technology

Instantly connect any phone, tablet or computer

  • AirPlay ‰ÛÒ Apple's wi-fi streaming technology means you can seamlessly play high-quality audio from your iPhone, iPad or iTunes.
  • Bluetooth ‰ÛÒ Stereo Bluetooth is found in almost every smartphone, tablet and computer ‰ÛÒ so as long as your device is within range ‰ÛÒ up-to 10m - wireless high-quality audio streaming is easy. As well as the Standard Bluetooth Codec (SBC), Minx Air supports two higher quality systems which means you can get the best possible results from your Bluetooth device.
  • Minx Air's inbuilt apt-X support squeezes the absolute maximum digital detail out of Bluetooth wireless streaming audio, if your device supports it, for CD-quality playback of high-bitrate digital audio files.
  • Minx Air‰۪s Bluetooth function also supports AAC audio files for enhanced quality transmission. AAC is a widely used digital file format and is the default or standard audio format for YouTube, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Nintendo DSi, iTunes. It‰۪s supported by many manufacturers and devices including Apple, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, BlackBerry, as well as several Android device manufacturers

A wealth of audio technologies ‰ÛÒ

  • Powerful digital amplifiers deliver enormous power from small, efficient designs
  • Digital signal processing using advanced technology developed for music and movie production allows us to get the biggest sound possible from Minx Air‰۪s compact enclosure. The results are truly amazing and you‰۪ll experience sound that‰۪s louder, crisper and fuller than other portable systems
  • On board Digital to Analogue converters squeeze maximum detail from digital files before carefully processing them into the sounds you hear
  • Patented BMR (Balanced Mode Radiator) speaker drivers deliver a wider, more room-filling sound than similarly-sized traditional speakers. Regular speakers ‰ÛÒ like you‰۪ll find in other portable systems ‰ÛÒ move in and out to create sound. Our BMR speakers also create sound using horizontal vibration modes for a much wider sound which is hugely beneficial when speakers are located so closely together.
  • Acoustically damped construction ‰ÛÒ Minx Air‰۪s subtle design conceals a host of neat features to maximise the quality of your music. Beneath the scratch resistant high gloss lacquer, Minx Air‰۪s acoustically damped cabinet is designed to eliminate vibration and distortion ‰ÛÒ even at high volumes. Look closely and you‰۪ll see that we‰۪ve also it incorporated a bass port within the carry handle.
  • Streaming music apps and services ‰ÛÒ Bring Minx Air's stunning, superior audio quality to your favourite music apps and streaming services via your smartphone, tablet or computer. Listen to popular services including, Spotify or BBC iPlayer Radio.
  • Internet radio ‰ÛÒ Enjoy all your favourite stations at the touch of a button in crisp, digital quality. Use the 5 presets on Minx Air to access your favourites without the need for your phone or tablet.

    You can also discover new stations from around the world in seconds. Just tap our free Minx Air app on your phone or tablet, search by genre or location and you're connected - Apple and Android versions available. 10 presets are available on your app and these are automatically copied across to Minx Air apps on your other phones or tablets.
  • Wired connections ‰ÛÒ RCA analogue stereo in means you can also plug your TV, Blu-ray player or other home entertainment devices easily in to Minx Air to experience its superb sound quality.
  • Gaming ‰ÛÒ if you play games on your laptop, phone or tablet, you‰۪ll know how lousy the sound can be. But now you can send the audio over to Minx Air and hear all the bangs, crashes and effects in the most amazing detail

How does BMR speaker technology work?

Pistonic speaker driver
A normal speaker works like a piston - back and forth. Sure has the ability to sound great, but requires separate woofer / tweeter to cover mid-bass / high frequencies properly. (Not ideal when space is limited.)
Flat panel speakers
A flat panel driver design uses vibrational modes to create sound across a smaller surface area but this design suffers from limited frequency range. It simply can't deliver the bass notes you need for true musical pleasure.
BMR speaker technology
The patented BMRTM driver technology we use in Minx Air combines pistonic action (to enable lower frequency response than flat panel) and vibrational modes in one drive unit. Benefits of BMR include wide frequency response from one driver, slimline design (ideal for applications where space is limited) and wider dispersion than regular pistonic drivers. Click here to view BMR White Paper

Setting-up Minx Air is a breeze

We‰۪ve produced a range of simple Setup Guides to get you started without headaches, along with a range of short videos to demystify the process.

  • You can connect the Minx Air to your wireless network in a few simple steps, which will allow you to stream music via AirPlay and enjoy internet radio from around the world. If you don't have wi-fi, there is an Ethernet socket for a wired connection to your home network.

  • Bluetooth is extremely easy too, just enable Bluetooth on your device and ‰Û÷pair‰۪ it with your Minx Air. Once paired, music will play through the Minx Air.

  • To get you started we‰۪ve stored 10 of our favourite internet radio stations in your presets. These can easily be selected and changed using the Minx Air App, which also allows volume, bass and EQ control.

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