Black on Black on Black

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The ‘Black on Black on Black’ pack

Folks, break out the velvet lounge over shagpile carpet with a couple of matching high-gloss polymer beanbags because this setup’s straight outta the 70s. Pioneer’s fully-automatic PL-30 K turntable and matching 45W receiver, the SX-10AE, topped off with a couple of French Focal Chorus 605’s – Ooh la la. Probably the most traditional hifi aesthetic we’ve ever assembled – certainly the darkest. A brushed aluminium amplifier with inbuilt Bluetooth receiver, a fully-automatic belt driven turntable and a pair of refined Focal Chorus 605s – all in matching black finishes – create a well-rounded setup reminiscent of vinyl’s heyday. The way it looked when lava lamps bubbled to the late-night glow of musicians like Janis Joplin and James Brown, Jimi Hendrix and Patti LaBelle. Utterly classic and entirely gorgeous. Only this time you can stream all of them from your phone, too. But shussh, just don’t tell anyone, okay.


The Turntable:

So, let’s kick it off with the PL-30 K, your fully automatic Pioneer turntable with dual-layer chassis and 4mm metal plate to increase plinth mass. Why? Well, ‘cause more mass helps to suppress external vibrations from sources such as speakers and hardwood floors. It reduces distortion and improves overall sound quality. Plus, this baby has been designed with a low centre of gravity for even greater stability, switchable inbuilt phono preamplifier, 5mm rubber platter mat and a complimentary high-output moving magnet phono cartridge. But don’t be fooled by this nice little freebee, because the tonearm design – with removable head shell and fully adjustable rear counterweight – allows for future phono cartridge upgrades, giving you the opportunity to further refine your sound quality as your ear improves.

The Amp:

In conjunction with Pioneer’s PL-30 K, we’ve coupled this killer table with the all-new Pioneer SX-10AE loaded with 45W per channel of amplification, AM/FM broadcast radio tuner, Bluetooth receiver and more. Pair your smart device to the SX-10AE and listen to any or all of your streaming services, podcasts, YouTube clips, whatever. The AM/FM tuner itself will pre-set up to 40 stations and allow you to name each station up to ten characters. It has a sleep timer, auto standby, four analogue inputs, line out, subwoofer pre out, and headphones out as well as coming with a SR remote control, so you can kick back on the lounge without having to get up to do your listening. And when all this comes wrapped in a stunning brushed black aluminium finish it’s a killer combination of style and features. Now, we know what you thinking: ‘they didn’t mention anything about an inbuilt phono stage’. Not to worry. Your turntable has one, so you just plug it straight into one of the four analogue line inputs and away you go.

The Speakers:

The Focal Chorus 605s are not your average bookshelf speakers, oh no. Their tapered chassis and reverse dome tweeters create a stunning finish. And it’s no accident they’re so impressive. Each drive unit of a Focal speaker is made in-house, on French soil, in the Focal manufacturing plant. And it’s this sort of attention to detail that gives Focal the leading edge over it’s competitors. But how do they sound? Composed, detailed, dynamic. There’s no muddy bass with Focal, no boom or synthetic thickening in the lower frequencies. They’re restrained. And the results, in combination with their extremely low to no colouration, make for a very smooth, highly polished-sounding speaker.

The conclusion: 

So there we have it. Un dos tress: the PL-30, SX-10AE, and a pair of the 605’s – black on black on black. It’s the classic Hifi setup with a subtle future spin, reminiscent of the days when Hifi had the same presence as the mighty LP. Back when it was bold. Back when it wasn’t hidden in the background but stood present, at the forefront of the listener’s experience. Because quality audio equipment is big, bold, and beautiful. Easily seen and just as easily touched. If you ask us, the highlight of any home has always been its stereo. But back in the 70s that kinda of thinking was ubiquitous. Everybody lauded over loud speakers and drooled over stereo systems. So we’re offering you a contemporary Hifi setup that makes people stand up, not just for the audio quality but for the presence it commands in your home too.


Package includes:

  • Pioneer PL-30K Turntable 
  • Pioneer SX-10AE Receiver 
  • Focal Chorus 605 Speakers 
  • 2 x 1.5mtr GSCC Speaker Cable

Upgrades include:

"Project Cleaning Kit"

- ProJect Brush-it 

- ProJect Clean-it 


"Wax Wash Upgrade"

- 1x Wax Wash Record cleaner





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