Baptiss - Rest In Piss (FV)

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Collections: Indie, Vinyl

Type: Vinyl

Not known for superficialities, Batpiss ram your senses into whatever horror they’re dealing with. For record three, that’s missing dead friends, as underlined by guitarist Paul Piss’s grotesque cover portrait. Gone is the punk immediacy of their 2013 debut, in its place the refinement of experiments in dirge: the discordant drag of “Golden Handshake” during which being cable tied at the bottom of a river is mentioned; the tempo raised a notch for the bawl of “N.U.M.N.”. Come the crash of the superb “Weatherboard Man”, it feels like the exit from a perpetual interment. One where, for better or worse, you too have felt the anger and anguish of grief. 


1 Black Paint 2:55
2 Paralyzed 3:14
3 You + Me 3:18
4 Tell Them My Name Is X 4:47
5 Rui's Lament 4:48
6 WW3 1:13
7 Golden Handshake 5:17
8 N.U.M.N. 3:10
9 For The Victorian Blues 4:32
10 Weatherboard Man 4:21


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