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NOW CLOSED SUNDAYS (03) 9419 5070

Area 51 Turntable Package

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Area 51 Turntable Package: Klipsch R-51PM + Rega Planar 1 Matt Black

Area 51 Turntable Package

The Turntable - Rega Planar 1

This Rega Planar  is the most successful turntable that Rega has ever made......a big call considering Rega has been making outstanding turntables since 1973. Each tonearm is meticulously hand assembled using custom Rega made tools and torque settings to guarantee optimum performance and perfect tracking and maximises the amount of information the cartridge can extract from the record surface. This Rega has body in its sound and a real analogue warmth. The combination of accuracy and a skill for knitting together the different strands is displayed with expertise by the Rega Planar. Few turntables in this price category can render a record so faithfully as the Rega Planar  does.This is about toe-tapping musicality and transparency.

Powered Speakers - Klipsch R-51PM

The Klipsch powered speakers use a highly efficient, powerful yet minimalist design that engulfs listeners in their favourite movies and music. With a built-in amplifier, multitude of inputs including direct turntable input, direct TV input and Bluetooth® connectivity, this Klipsch  is a stereo speaker system to suit today's music demands.The Klipsch Reference RSeries offers excellent build quality with attractive "retro" flair for an affordable price. Sound quality is dynamic and punchy, especially with rock and pop. The speakers are very efficient and can play loudly without strain. Add a subwoofer to enhance for even more bass. Their power enables especially them to fill up a large room and provide enough sound for a serious party.

Another new feature is what Klipsch calls Dynamic Bass Eq. This is similar to a loudness button on a vintage stereo receiver. Our ears do not hear the bass frequencies as well at a low volume level. This system boosts the bass at low levels then backs off when you turn up the volume. This will add a fullness to the sound at low listening levels and is especially handy if you do not have a subwoofer. These amplified speakers are an excellent way to truly experience the "live" Klipsch sound.

What the Crew Think:

With the Rega Planar turntable it certainly extracts the detail out of the record groove to provide that sweet atmospheric vinyl sound.That's where the Klipsch amplified speakers take over and deliver the "live" Klipsch sound. Whether your source is vinyl, TV or music streaming from your Smartphone via wireless Bluetooth the Klipsch have you covered. This package combines great sound, multiple music source input with a compact and beautiful aesthetic.