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Angus & Julia Stone - Snow (Indie Exclusive Clear 2LP) (UNI)

Universal Music

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Collections: Folk, Indie, Pop, Vinyl

Type: Vinyl

Just when you thought Angus & Julia Stone couldn't get better, they leave you breathless.

Snow is captivating with its magical folk tunes and dreamy vocals as the Sydney-born siblings dazzle through every written and produced track. Julia's la la's open the album with Snow, with its soft guitars and Angus' rugged dreamy vocals accompany his sister's. Oakwood has a more rock-folk vibe with a rhythm that almost sounds like Fleetwood Mac before Angus' hypnotic vocals take over.

Their songs are raw and intimate with tracks like Sleep Alone while Julia's vocals are gentle, beautiful in Nothing Else as the lyrics "I like you, just the way you are," ring out. Things are shaken up with synths and organs getting the groove going in Who Do You Think You Are as the acoustic guitars ring in. Sylvester Stallone, the song has nothing to do with the actor, offers a cute love story that is enchanting and captivating with the harmony between the Stones.

With the Big Jet Plane days behind them, Angus & Julia Stone are back better than ever, exploring new skills and taking listeners on another journey. A brilliantly orchestrated album with tantalising sounds and lyrics that will keep one dreaming for days.

- The Music Album Review




A1 Snow
A2 Oakwood
A3 Chateau
B1 Cellar Door
B2 Sleep Alone
B3 Make It Out Alive
C1 Who Do You Think You Are
C2 Nothing Else
C3 My House Your House
D1 Bloodhound
D2 Baudelaire
D3 Sylvester Stallone

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