Angel Olsen - Burn Your Fire For No Witness (INT)

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Collections: Country / Americana, Folk, Vinyl

Type: Vinyl

Those who have seen Angel Olsen live often refer to how seemingly little it takes for her to leave an audience speechless. Olsen has never been as timid as those descriptors imply, and the noisy, fiery hints in her earlier work find a fuller expression on her forthcoming LP, "Burn Your Fire for No Witness". With the help of producer John Congleton, her music now crackles with a churning, rumbling low end and a brighter energy.



Unfucktheworld 2:05
Forgiven/Forgotten 2:04
Hi-Five 2:58
White Fire 6:56
High & Wild 3:53
Lights Out 4:27
Stars 4:38
Iota 3:28
Dance Slow Decades 4:06
Enemy 5:44
Windows 4:08

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