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    The History:

    B&W’s first speaker, the P1, originally consisted of Celestion components. Yet, by 1973, the firm attained the Queen’s Award for their deals in exportation and also started building monitors for the BBC – a thing that had been only done by KEF to this point. As time went on, B&W made enough money to start researching their own builds as they invested in measuring equipment. In 1977, the legendary DM7 featured a separately mounted tweeter. This meant that cross-talk and resonance in the same cabinets could be neutralised, giving greater performance at higher levels.

    By the time the 1980s had arrived, Bowers handed the managing baton onto Robert Trunz who guided B&W through the decade. But, in 1987, John Bowers died. This meant that his job was then reassigned to John Dibb who continued designing speakers for B&W.

    In the 1990s, serious efforts were made with the flagship Nautilus speaker of 1993. Still in production today, the tweeter system also features on today’s incredible PM1 speaker as well. As the 90s progressed, smoother designs were incorporated from the design team at B&W’s sister company, Blue Room Loudspeakers.

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